1 Pole Free Vst Filter

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1 Pole Free Vst Filter
To understand what is meant by the terms 2-pole filter and a 4-pole filter, you first need to know is that the word 'pole' in the context of filters refers to a 6 dB per octave roll off.
This means a 2-pole filter = 12 dB/octave slope and that's because 6 dB x 2 = 12 dB.
Furthermore, a 4-pole filter = 24 dB/octave slope and that's because 6 dB x 4 = 24 dB.
So what's important to remember is that a 2-pole filter is synonymous with a 12 dB filter whilst a 4-pole filter is interchangeable with the term 24 dB filter.
What's The Difference Between A 2-pole Filter And 4-pole Filter?
The most significant difference between a 2-pole filter and a 4-pole filter lies in their distinctive sounds they generate when used on a synthesizer or as an equalizer.
A 2-pole filter is more gentle as compared to a 4-pole filter which is much more steeper. The end result is that a 2-pole will produce smoother sounds than a 4-pole filter.
You can do a simple experiment were you both set a 2-pole filter and 4-pole filter at a center frequency of 1 kHz and you should hear that a 2-pole will sound brighter whilst a 4-pole will have a darker sound to it.
When Should You Use A 2-pole Filter And A 4-pole Filter?
The choice of deciding between a 2-pole filter or a 4-pole filter in the context of sound design is all about the final sound you are aiming for.
There are certain sounds that may require a gentle filter such as keys, leads, strings, pads, brass and so forth. Hence, it will be ideal to try out a 2-pole filter first.
On the other hand if you want tighter sounds which have a dark tone then a 4-pole filter will do you more justice than your 2-pole filter.
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