New Literary Project

city, skyline,streeterville

I have kept my latest project on a bit of hush. It was sometime after new years when I realized I wanted to do a literary version of In Chicago. Where you can explore the city by the experiences of people who lived there and it doesn’t revolve around the “best of”. Perhaps its the balance between practical and indulgent that lead me to develop this project. Starting with the storytellers I knew, I prompted them to collect their texts and assign a location. Some wrote specifically for the project, while others shared unpublished work.

In the process, I realized how awesome the community of artists are that I have come to know. I’m excited to embark on this literary journey to chart text and explore the intersections of experience and technology. At one point I wanted to design the app myself, but that would take too much time that I didn’t have. Therefore, I have continued the partnership with Sutro Media to publish the Chicago Literary Map. I don’t foresee the text remaining only as a mobile app, but that is the life it will be born into.

Chicago Literary Map is available for iPhone and iPad. Android forthcoming.


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