How A Reclusive Retreat Made Me More Social

When life is spent in an urban environment, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of the city. Sticking to a daily routine with minor distractions. Or days full of distractions. When I’m surrounded by so many people, I often find it difficult to rationalize spending more time with others post-work.

I was looking forward to the two-week retreat in a secluded setting for months. As the time approached, I starting inviting people to come stay. I went back and forth as to if that was a good idea or not. Deep down, I knew it could be trouble if I was left to my own devices that long.

My seclusion was quite productive, especially since I knew people were coming to visit, and I had a limited amount of time to myself to think, create and rest. What I found myself doing was playing house in someone else’s home. Three days alone felt like a blissful eternity. It had been a week since I went into town—I had not realized it till my friend arrived. Removed from city life, I was able to get back to some creative basics and appreciate the connections I have made online and in-real-life. I have only just started to truly embrace this wonderful world of the web. As well as this new stage of calming down into domesticity.

Next residency, however, I will try to focus in solitude with limited access to technology and see how deep into my creative psyche I can get. Until then, I am reenergized by the potential of our hyper-connected world and am delighted to embrace it.

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