If you can’t acquire, copy?

It’s been almost three years since Facebook offered to buy Snapchat for $3 billion. Before that cash offer, Facebook attempted to unnerve Snapchat by saying they were releasing a similar app at the end of 2012, Facebook’s ill-fated flop, Poke.

Flash forward to today and Facebook’s successful acquisition, Instagram, has finally rolled out a Snapchat feature called Stories as if they were one harmonious company anyway.

Could this be the beginning of the end of Snapchat? Too soon to tell as both are profitable and serve their own purpose. Facebook admittedly has lost its teenage and tween audience. Just the other day I asked a high schooler about her Facebook use and she responded by smushing her face. She uses Snapchat instead. The confusing interface makes it all the more enjoyable knowing that her parents—mostly all her relatives over the age of thirty-five can’t figure it out. Perhaps Snapchat will become even more cryptic where one just knows where the buttons are as they will be invisible to the adult eye. Or they’ll do away with buttons in leu of pure eye recognition.

In the world of tech and even commerce, does it really matter who made it first? The public cares initially as a talking point at dinner parties and networking events. What really matters is who does it best for their target market and who truly knows their user base. It’ll be interesting to see how both evolve, especially the hipper of the two.

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