Archiving Objects

As I was packing up my work studio to move west-ish, I was confronted with what I had been hoarding the past three years. Things I had kept in case I needed it for a project. Or things that would inspire a project. I had one last chance to do something with them because they were not coming with me. Moving is the best time to minimize.


So I began to archive them. As I was arranging the objects to be photographed, new forms were emerging, and I started to look at these everyday items even closer. My aim was to capture some of the beauty I saw when I initially wanted to keep each object.


The archiving process proved to be cathartic as I was able to effortlessly toss most of this junk. I feel content to finally have made something from the collection and aim to perpetuate the process for anything I feel the need to keep but should not. And I may do it with a much better camera and not a powershot. Although, there was a nice novelty to the process of the shoot, almost anthropological.


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