Roadtripping in Technicolor

We thought it’d be good luck to take a ten-day road trip before settling into our new home. You know, become familiar with the neighboring towns in a 2,000 mile radius.

A few months after tying the knot, my hubby and I left the third coast’s concrete jungle and headed west. First stop: Omaha. About a day or two after unloading the u-haul, we headed back on the road and explored uncharted territory as newly weds. They also say it’s good to do as much with your spouse as possible the first year. I’d say this was one hell of a start.

I brought along my sketchbook, a 35mm camera, and rolls of black and white and color film. It’s been a year and I finally developed three out of eleven rolls. It’s good to wait sometimes, especially to view those photographic choices with fresh eyes and relive those moments. The beauty of a film camera is the limit to how many times your world can be captured. There have been many times where I pressed, but did not depress and decided to remember instead.

To keep us entertained in the car, I started writing down snippets from the radio when scanning through stations. The poetic result for Nebraska follows these select shots from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs and Arches in Moab.


Radio Station Poetry


Shot of Patron
small town life
keeps ringing ringing
together we stand
all the time
all the time
mothers fathers say
you were here before me
promise I’ll never be lonely
I will never thirst again

you see through a mirror
21st century glass
no rsvps required
flashing through the mud
truth begins
waiting here with everyone
to wash it all away
I could be weak
I could be senseless
I work for my machine
breathe in breathe out breathe in

I’m coming back again
tonight, tonight
I brought the cheese with me
just come on in and play
so many ways to get high
nothing seems to satisfy
you can try it in classic
or chili cheese
at least until a pipe bursts
effort exertion labor
run strangers

this is control
I’m board
push button
rock 100
support caitlyn
sunny skies expected
low of 55
high of 91
so heavy you could loose
if i ever had to knock on wood

dark necessities
to see what it has to say
you know I’m here waiting
take me out
in my shoes walking sleep
quick and easy
husker radio is an equal opportunity employer
some exclusions apply.

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