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What better way to add some embellishments to your songs than with an orchestral plugin? Even better if its free, right?

Orchestral samples, and samples in general, have come a long way.

They were practically unusable back in the day, but now, even though you can hear the difference between a sample software and the real deal, they sound astoundingly similar.

Cantabile comes in two editions, one for each platform. On each platform you'll need compatible operating system, drivers and plugins. Ie: to use the x64 edition of Cantabile you'll need an x64 operating system (often called 64-bit Windows), audio and MIDI drivers for that operating system and x64 plugins.

I love finding free software that actually works, so in this post I will go into each of the ones I found and tried, this way you won’t have to do any of the research and try the ones that sucked, like I did!

All of the download links are included!

The Best Orchestral Plugins are:

Best Free Full Orchestra VSTs

While every single one on this list is a good plugin overall, there are two which stand out.

Layers by Orchestral Tools

Layers is an ultra realistic orchestral sample library that features a full orchestra, Brass-, Woodwinds-, and Strings sections.

You can choose between a couple different mic positions and it also features different articulations; different chord types, staccato and sustain unison, and more.

In total, the sample pack is about 17GB and runs on Windows 10 and Mac OS.

Lastly, Layers works with Orchestral Tools’ SINE Player.

You can download Layers here.

Total Composure Orchestra (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Total Composure Orchestra is a full orchestral sample library created using only samples in the public domain.

Total Composure is the first to offer such a library exclusively for the Kontakt format; making use of Kontakt’s scripting capabilities to greatly enhance the playability, realism, and functionality of these public domain samples.

This is a fantastic plugin, it comes with a huge array of instruments from pianos, to brass instruments, strings and percussion.

One bad thing about this plugin is that it runs both on Kontakt Player, which is free, and the full version of Kontakt, but on Kontakt player you can only use the samples for about 30 min before it stops working.

If you want to be able to use them to their fullest extent, you will need to purchase Kontakt.

You can download Total Composure Orchestra here.

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Spitfire LABS

I mentioned Spitfire in a couple of my posts simply because they have some of my top recommendations as far as free plugins go.

LABS is basically a collection of free VST and AU plugins that not only sound fantastic, but that is also being updated consistently, with new plugins being added over time.

Here you will find great-sounding samples of any orchestral instrument you can think of.

You can download LABS here.

The Free Orchestra by Project Sam

Project Sam is behind Symphobia, which is one of the best-rated libraries for film scoring, video games and TV, and they created the Free Orchestra library which contains bits and pieces of all of their paid products.

What struck me the most about this free library is how great it sounds as soon as you load it up; there is little to no tweaking required.

Now, it runs on KONTAKT (6.2. or higher), but luckily it works in the free version which can be beneficial to you if you’re interested in using KONTAKT but don’t want to purchase the premium version just yet.

Parameters such as envelope controls, effects, octaver, and reverse make this library very versatile to use.

All in all, if you’re a beginner tipping their toes into the whole orchestral world, this entry level library could just be what you need.

You can download the Free Orchestra here.

DSK Overture Orchestra (Windows)

DSK Overture is a full orchestral sample VST plugin.

It gives you the ability to choose between 40 different instruments and play 4 of those instruments in the same instance, through MIDI.

The included instruments are; Acoustic Piano, Harpsichord, Bassoon, Celesta, Glockenspiel, Vibes, Harp, Flute, Piccolo, English Horns, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Trumpet, Church Organ, Trombone, Tuba, Cello, Contra Bass, Viola, Violin, Orchestra Drum Kit, Full Sections.

Honestly, what makes this plugin great is the variety of instruments, since there is no shortage of them, plus they all sound pretty damn good!

You can download DSK Overture here.

BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover by Spitfire Audio

Here’s another great addition by Spitfire.

The BBC Symphonic Orchestra Discover actually sells for $49, but you can fill out a form and they will send it to you after 14 days for completely free.

This library is clearly aimed at beginners since it is very simple to use and straight-forward, plus it already comes premixed into one mix signal which gives you less control over it, but makes things easier if you’re just starting out.

It features a total of 33 instruments and 47 techniques, and thanks to Spitfire’s new mode switching technology, you can share and collaborate with fellow composers, regardless of which edition they own.

You can download the BBC Symphonic Orchestra here.

If you’re also Interested in finding the best sounding Free Drum Vst Plugins, then read this article I wrote about the ones I think are absolutely fantastic.

One Track Orchestra (Windows)

One Track orchestra is primarily a sketching tool, meant to be used for songwriting and recording demos and aimed mostly at beginners and songwriters who need a simple tool to create and record music.

Therefore, the sound quality and usability aren’t the best ones out there.

The plugin was created using samples from VSCO Community Edition and assembled with Maize Sampler.

It is available as 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin for Windows.

You can download One Track Orchestra Here.

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Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (Windows)

The Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra Module contains the full SSO by Mattias Westlund, in one simple VST plugin (32 & 64bit)

The SSO samples are stereo, 16 bit, 44kHz.

While it’s not the most professional Orchestral Sample Plugin out there, it will certainly provide the building blocks for creating some astounding virtual orchestra sounds.

Melodic instruments and chromatic percussion are sampled in minor 3rds and all samples have varying amounts of stage ambience, depending on their front-to-back placement.

SSO is the one plugin on this list that provides the highest number of instruments.

You get loads of String instruments, Brass instruments, Woodwind instruments, Keys and Choirs, Chromatic Percussion and Regular Percussion.

You can download it here.

DSK Virtuoso (Windows)

DSK Virtuoso allows you to play a combination of 6 layer instruments, or to play a composition up to 6 different parts, through the MIDI channels selectors.

The included instruments are;

Acoustic Piano, Harpsichord, Church Organ, Celesta, Glockenspiel, Vibes, Harp, Flute, Piccolo, English Horns, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba,
Cello, ContraBass, Viola, Violin, Orchestra Drum Kit, and more.

You can download DKS Virtuoso here.

You may also be interested in trying out some Free Bass Amp VST Plugins which should help you achieve a better sounding mix!

VSCO2 – Chamber Orchestra 2 (Windows, Mac)

The Community Edition, which is the free edition of these samples, comes with a total of 19 instruments, ranging from Woodwinds to Brass, Keys, Mallets, Strings and Percussion.

Decades of work have gone into creating these samples using nothing but the best equipment to capture them.

You can download the VSCO2 library here.

Learn how to Produce music

If you want to learn how to produce music at home the right way and without making too many mistakes, then I’d recommend that you read these posts;


The reason I like these kinds of plugins so much is that you can create complete song just by using virtual instruments.


You will need a good MIDI controller to do this properly and fast, even though you can manually add in every note in your DAW.

I hope this information was useful!

See you on the next one.

EQuanaut is a stereo graphic equalizer with a set of band-pass filters that divide the audio spectrum into 10 bands allowing to control the amount of boost or cut in narrower frequency ranges, which is controlled with sliders or faders.

Add warmth and shimmer by boosting or Cut certain frequencies in a simple and intuitive interface with 26 built-in presets as a starting point. EQuanaut is available as a plugin in VST and VST3 64 bit versions for Windows as well as in Audio Unit for macOS.


  • Center Frequencies: 31 Hz, 62 Hz, 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz and 16 kHz.

  • 10 Sliders or faders. The amplitude passed by each filter is adjusted using a slide control to boost or cut frequency components.

  • Gain. Adjusts the overall decibel level by increasing or decreasing the amplitude of the signal from the input to the output, strengthening or weakening the frequency bands or ranges selected.

  • GEQ Reset. The Flat preset resets all bands of the currently selected graphic equalizer to zero decibel.

  • Dry / Wet. Offers a blend control for mixing and mastering.

  • Preset Manager. Built-in browser to load and save presets and banks, enabling to export to *.fxp (VST2 Preset), *.fxb (VST2 Bank), *.vstpreset (VST3 Preset), *.aupreset (Audio Unit Preset) plus two generic formats (plain text): the *.xmlpreset (XML Preset) and the *.xmlbank (XML Bank), providing cross-platform presets/banks. This allows to control over the loading and saving of presets from disk as well as sharing presets between different plugin formats using the generic *.xmlpreset (XML Preset) and the *.xmlbank (XML Bank).

  • Preset Name Display: Text box to display the active preset name.

  • 26 Presets included. Ability to create new and interesting rotary speaker cabinet effects.

An overview of which frequencies affect different sound characteristics:

EQuanaut Frequency Distribution

Frequency Range Frequency Values
Sub-Bass Range ~ 31 Hz to 62 Hz
Bass Range ~ 62 Hz to 250 Hz
Low Midrange ~ 250 Hz to 500 Hz
Midrange ~ 500 Hz to 2 KHz
Upper Midrange ~ 2 KHz to 4 KHz
Presence Range ~ 4 Hz
Brilliance (High End) Range ~ 8 Hz to 16 KHz

Preset List:



Boosted or Cut Frequencies


Absolute Highlight

Boost 31 Hz 250 Hz / 2 KHz16 KHz


Balanced Presence

Boost 4 KHz → 16 KHz


Bass Booster

Boost 31 Hz → 250 Hz


Bass Reducer

Cut 31 Hz → 250 Hz


Drum Set Enhancement

Staggered Cut 31 Hz → 250 Hz / Boost 2 KHz → 16 KHz


Extreme Midrange Cut

Cut 500 Hz to 2 KHz


Flat → Reset GEQ to 0 dBReset All Bands to Zero db


Full Bass Emphasis 31 Hz → 250 Hz


Full Bass and Treble

Staggered Boost 31 Hz → 250 Hz / 2 KHz → 16 KHz


Full TrebleEmphasis 2 KHz → 16 KHz


High End BrillianceBoost 2 KHz → 16 KHz


High End Cut

Cut 2 KHz → 16 KHz


Low Boost and High End CutBoost 31 Hz → 250 Hz / Cut 2 KHz → 16 KHz


Low Cut and High End BoostCut 31 Hz → 250 Hz / Boost 2 KHz → 16 KHz


Midrange Booster

Impulse 500 Hz 4 KHz


Midrange Cutter

Lowered 500 Hz → 4 KHz


Smooth Boost

Subtle Boost 31 Hz → 500 Hz / 4 KHz → 16 KHz


Smooth Cut

Subtle Boost 31 Hz → 500 Hz / 1 KHz → 16 KHz


Treble Booster

Staggered Boost 2 KHz → 16 KHz


Treble Reducer

Staggered Cut 31 Hz → 250 Hz / 2 KHz → 16 KHz


Ultra Boost

Boost 31 Hz → 250 Hz / 1 KHz / 4 KHz → 16 KHz


Ultra Cut

Cut 31 Hz → 16 KHz


Upper Midrange BoostEmphasis 2 KHz → 4 KHz


Upper Midrange CutCut 2 KHz → 4 KHz


Vocal Enhancer

Boost 31 Hz → 250 Hz / 2 KHz → 16 KHz


Vox Expander Highlighted 2 KHz → 16 KHz

Before you install VST, VST3 or Audio Units plugins, please make sure your computer fulfills the following requirements. Please test extensively the demo version of this product in your host to make sure there are no misbehaviors before purchasing.

  • Operating System: Windows Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (64-bit platforms).

  • VST or VST3 compatible host application 32/64 bit: These VST/VST3 software can be 'plugged in' to any host application that supports VST or VST3 Technology like: Image-Line FL Studio, Steinberg Cubase Pro, Artist and Elements, Steinberg Nuendo, Cakewalk by BandLab, Cockos REAPER, PreSonus Studio One, Acoustica Mixcraft, Ableton Live, MakeMusic Finale, Avid Sibelius, Magix ACID Music Studio, Magix Samplitude Music Studio and Pro X, Cantabile, n-Track Studio, DarkWave Studio, Bitwig, VSTHost, SAVIHost among others.

  • An ASIO® sound card is recommended for low latency real-time play.

  • Operating System: macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur. We do not officially support older systems such as PowerPC or deprecated versions of Mac OS X. However our plugins may work, but we cannot guarantee any performance on such old systems.

  • Audio Unit compatible host application. They can be 'plugged in' to process audio by applications such as Logic Pro, GarageBand, Ableton Live, REAPER, Studio One Professional, Ardour, MainStage and Digital Performer among others.

Limitations of the Unregistered/Demo Version:

Same sound effects quality than the full version. It generates a short beep in all output channels every 10 seconds. Be aware that certain features may not be available.

- Minor adjustments in GUI.
- Minor modifications have been made to the default settings.
- Added link to website in company logo.
Fixed bugs:
- Message error in selector was fixed for Cubase, V-STack, Sibelius and Reaper hosts.
- Sporadic crash in Synapse Orion was fixed.
- Small bug fixes.

The full version is available to purchase, as downloadable software, the price isUS$ 19,90

- Minor adjustments in GUI.
- Minor modifications have been made to the default settings.
- Added link to website in company logo.

64-bit Overture Vst Plugins Vst

Fixed bugs:
- Message error in selector was fixed for Cubase, V-STack, Sibelius and Reaper hosts.
- Sporadic crash in Synapse Orion was fixed.
- Small bug fixes.

64-bit Overture Vst Plugins Plugin

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