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The Glitch 2 plugin made Bass Gorilla's list of Top Free VST Plugins for Ableton Live, and audio website Cymatics gives Glitch 2 a 3.5 out of 4-star rating. They said, “the infinite amount of presets and combined effects on Glitch 2 makes this plugin truly special.”. We have collected for you the top 17 VST plugins Pitch Shifter according to PluginBoutique. VST list navigation: Tape Stop Tape Stop Snapin ProVocative Quadravox Pitch Monster Manipulator Discord4 MHarmonizerMB H910 MicroPitch Pitch ‘N Time Pro TIME FACTORY II Pitch Shifter Snapin PITCHMAP ElastiquePitch 2 reTune Pitch ‘N Time LE 1. Tape Stop by Vengeance Sound Important Note: You must. Max for Live — all of your Max for Live (see Chapter 25) devices and presets, as well as any Racks that are built with those devices, organized into Audio Effect, Instrument and MIDI Effect folders. Plug-Ins — your third-party VST and/or Audio Units plug-ins. Clips — all of your Live Clips.

Unlike other DAWs (FL Studio at least, which is what I use), Ableton Live allows you to choose only one custom VST plugin folder. This drives a lot of people nuts, especially when moving from another DAW to Ableton.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution- shortcuts! Here’s how to easily point to many VST folders from Live:

  1. Choose a folder or create one that you will to point to from Live later on. This doesn’t need to contain any plugins. Let it be an empty folder if you please. Let’s call it “Ableton VSTs” for this article.
  2. Now here’s the important step- create shortcuts of all your VST folders that you want tracked by Live and drop those shortcuts in “Ableton VSTs”. Rename these shortcuts to meaningful names (you’ll find out why ahead).
  3. Go to Preferences> File Folder and click on the ‘Browse’ button for “VST Plug-in Folder”, and browse and select “Ableton VSTs.
Ableton vst plugin system folder download

Ableton Vst Plugin System Folder Linux

Live will scan all VST folders you have placed shortcuts to in the “Ableton VSTs” folder. Now, when you click on “Plug-ins”, you will notice the shortcut names as folders. Enjoy!