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  1. The Suite Sound Of Success. Twenty of the 24 Magix instruments that come with Samplitude Pro X3 Suite. The expanded Suite version of Samplitude Pro X3 adds four more ‘Vita’ instruments to the already burgeoning collection of Magix VST Instruments: Pop Drums, a set of electronic and acoustic drum kits; a Concert Grand piano recorded in an international concert hall; a collection of.
  2. As many may know, the Analog suite of plugins that comes with Samp and Sequoia is a pretty darned good sounding set of plugins but they have been for Samplitude and Sequoia only. Sascha has been coding away and they have come out with VST versions of all of these plugs that can be used with any PC-based VST host.
  3. Can't Get Samplitude to install!!! I got all of my install exes for Samplitude X3 Pro Suite! I click on the installer and the window says it is preparing files for install. The bar shows activity and then everything disappears!!!! I tried turning off the firewalls and the anti-virus and the same thing happens.

Bundled with all versions of Pro X3 is the venerable Orange Vocoder VST plug-in, now under the Zynaptiq name. It comes with a good selection of presets, but initially, you can only use the first eight of these. If you try to open any of the other presets, you are taken to the Magix web site and required to pay €9.99 to activate them.

As a total newbie to Mixcraft 8 I watched all the videos on the official channel and I have learned a lot how to use the program but there is one thing that I am not sure about at present.
How do you scan your plugins in Mixcraft? What folder does your plug ins reside in?

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I have Sonar X3 in my system and the plug ins for that reside in a folder called Cakewalk/Vst/Plugins. Something like that.
Sonar automatically creates this folder when you install it. You don't have to use it of course but I do. All your plugins reside in that folder unless you chose to assign them to another folder.
I have Mixcraft 64 bit and 32 bit installed on my Laptop. Mixcraft is letting me use some of my cakewalk plug ins in mixcraft. It seems to be letting me use 32 bit Cakewalk plug ins in Mixcraft 32 bit and some other 64 bit plugins I have such as Addictive Drums in Mixcraft 64 bit.

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When I want to install an external VST in Mixcraft where do I put them. Is there a special folder? How does Mixcraft basically know where to look for your external VST plug ins. I didn't see anything about specifying a folder for VST plug ins during installation.

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