Adding Vst Plugins To Discord

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If you think about whether to use better discord plugins or not?

For 15 years, Discord has been the studio standard for pitch-shifting delay. Discord4 features an all-new GUI, reverb, new LFOs, and AAX and VST3 versions along with AU and VST. Go to the 'Options' menu and select 'Preferences'. Under 'Preferences', select the 'File Folder' menu. Click the 'Browse' button next to 'VST Plug-In Custom Folder'. Select the folder you would like Ableton to use for VST Plug-Ins.

For the answer of this question you have to read this full post because the reason of reading this post, you will get to aware of everything related to the better discord plugins.

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What are better discord Plugins?

Before discussing Better Discord Plugins first you should have the information about Better discord, Better Discord is a chatting application that has many exciting features. Now we move on the Better Discord Plugins, Better Discord Plugins are used to added functionality to your Discord Server.

Adding Vst Plugins To Discord Bot

when you are playing games with your friends if you use good plugins then the feeling of your playing game is great, if you use more plugins during conversation then it is a must that their meaning should be clear and concise and it must provide better guidelines as well as it is recognizable in marketing aspects.

Now we will move on the next!

Best 5 Better Discord Plugins

Below is a list of Best 5 Better Discord Plugins:


1- Badges Everywhere

This plugin is used to display Badges like Hypesquad and Nitro etc, you can use these Badges Everywhere Plugin in the use pop out, in the member list as well as in the chat.DevilBro is the creator of this plugin.

2- BDContextMenu

This plugin is used to add Better Discord shortcuts to the context menu setting. It is created by Zerebos.

3- AutoStartRichPresence

You use this Plugin when you start Better Discord this allows you to Auto Start Rich Presence with configurable images and text and it is created by Lucario.

4- Friend Notification

When your friend log on or log out this plugin is used to notifies you, it shows the information about the time log of the current status by clicking on the Online Friend Counter. This plugin is created by DevilBro.

5- ImageToClipboard

This plugin allows you to directly copy images format like png, jpg to the clipboard of your system. You can do this by context menu and by modal. This plugin is created by Zerebos.

Features of Better Discord Plugins

There are some significant features for Better Discord Plugin, these are written below

  • The functionality of the Plugin should be clear and concise
  • The Plugin should be provided guideline to user
  • The Plugin should be recognizable regarding the aspect of marketing

How to Download Better Discord Plugins

There are some significant links if you will follow these then it is making sure that you can easily download Better Discord Plugins. These main links are written below:

  1. Here is a link:

The above link provides the facility to download the Better Discord Plugins, if you want to download what will you do? You just need to click on the above link and this will take to the specific site and you just select the plugin that you want to download, select it and it will take you a little bit time, that all.

  1. Here is a link:

I hope that the above link will definitely solve your problem regarding with the downloading.

How to Use Better Discord

After installing Better Discord on your system, you would be seen alot of extensions. All of the plugins are convenient to utilized and you can also play with them.

Here are the step that how to use Better Discord

  1. First of all you have to launched the discord app.
  2. Then you will create the server.
  3. You will provide the name to the server and select your domain to create a server.
  4. Then, Discord will give you a link for your specific server for inviting other friends to the server.
  5. Conversate with others when you have users with other server.
  6. After finalizing all the procedures, now you can begin the plugins and features of BD.

How to Use Better Discord Plugins

Better Discord Plugins is the one of the fantastic features, for the improvement of your Discord server, you can download and utilized alot of Plugins for your server.

There are some concrete step to using Better Discord Plugins, these steps are written below:

  • After downloading the Better Discord Plugins, you have to go the specific directory, the address of that specific directory is given below:

Here is the Address:C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingBetterDiscordplugins

  • Unzip the plugins and paste them into that specific directory
  • Now return to the Discord app and choose your server and navigate the settings
  • Click on plugins by scrolling down
  • Use the plugin which you like the most through toggle button.

Adding Vst Plugins To Discord Download

How to Fix Better Discord Plugins, not Working Issue?

While using new Plugins or themes, sometimes Better discord does not work properly with the Plugins.

Although it is a common cause, so don’t care about this thing its not a big deal for you, i am providing you the Best solution of how to fix Better Discord Plugins not working issues, i provide you some core of steps to solve this problem, these steps are written below, by following these steps you can easily fix the Better Discord Plugins not working issues:

  • If you have installed new plugins or themes then shift all the plugins and themes to a new directory and then press the restart button
  • If still the problem has not been solved? Then un-installing better discord from you system and download the latest version of discord on your system and the push the restart button


Its all about Better Discord Plugin, this post will solve your conflicts related to the better discord plugins, also tell you about the best plugins, how to download and install and so on.

I hope after reading this post your all conflicts has been solved.


Q: Do i have to Pay for Discord servers?

Ans: No, it is free for you and you can free to create a discord server.

Q: Is BetterDiscord allowed?

Ans: BetterDiscord is an extension which is used by several people, but it also has some security issues.

Q: How do i install better discord plugins?

Ans: You just have to follow the above guidelines in the install section, it will definitely help and solve your problem.

Using a voice changer on Discord can help you create fun characters to help you have fun with your friends. You can set up pranks, make yourself sound different, or create memes together.

If you are a streamer on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming, you can create all sorts of fun and interesting content while talking to your friends on Discord. You and your friends can each create a new character using a voice changer and keep each other (and your audience) entertained.

Adding Vst Plugins To Discord Server

Best Voice Changer for Discord


More than just an audio mixer, Voicemeeter can adjust the pitch of your voice to make it sound unique. You can create any number of characters to joke with your friends on Discord. The mixer is more than just a pitch changer, you can manage the volume level of the sounds that come into your headset so that you can hear the most important things loudest.


VoiceMod allows you to change your voice in real-time. While the voice changer works better for previously-recorded chat, you can also use it in Discord in real-time. There are several voices you can choose from in the line-up, including ghosts, echo, helio, ogre, possessed, and Santa. The voice changer is easy to install and produces high-quality sounds.


MorphVOX is one of the best Discord voice changers. It comes with several effects, built-in sounds, and a feature that gives you several options for your creativity. While the premium version has far more to offer, the free version still has plenty of choices that keep you happy. The program uses very little CPU and has several custom shortcuts to allow you to change your voice on the fly.


The Clownfish voice changer offers 14 different voices, including baby pitch, robot, radio, alien, and mutation. Clownfish is easier to use and is effective. Best of all, it is fully free and you won’t need to sign in or create a subscription account. It also comes with a music player, a sound player, and has VST (Virtual Studio Technology). It works on all versions of Windows.

Discord Voice Changer

Adding Vst Plugins To Discord Servers

If you have an Android, you can use the Discord Voice Changer. The app allows you to change your voice into a host of other characters, including a monster, a drunk, a ghost, a dead person, a robot, and many more. While the voice changer is fairly easy to use, it is difficult to use or find without an Android and there are some UI issues, though it is generally easy to use.

Voxal Voice Changer

While the free version of Voxal Voice Changer is limited, the program is easy to install and has several good features. The premium version includes many voice-manipulation tools that allow you to create a voice that is unique and fairly realistic. You can add special effects to both recorded voices and while you are live. The voice changer has a low CPU usage while you create voices your Discord personality.


The SuperVoiceChanger has three voices that you can use. Each comes with the ability to manipulate them further to give you more options when using them in Discord. You can simulate both male and female voices without having to change any settings on the system. The program doesn’t use very much CPU so you don’t have to worry about it affecting your gameplay or your overall streaming. You can also save your settings from session to session to create characters with continuity.


Using a voice changer can add content to your stream or keep your Discord friends laughing. Voice changers can be entertaining when used well.