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The Trap Beat Bundle is a Plugin Boutique exclusive that gives you pretty much everything you need to come up with fully fleshed-out trap tracks. It includes the UJAM HUSTLE beat machine and the Loopmasters’ Bass Master bass synth. Between these two plug-ins, you have a solid foundation upon which to build bumping tracks. Catanya by 7Aliens is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin. Synth-based VST plugins can help you get sounds that are similar to the ones created by instruments as well as the environment. A piano is a large instrument that you possibly cannot lug around wherever you go. Therefore, VST plugins make for great alternatives that give you the right sound quality coupled with convenience. Welcome to the home of presets, drums and one-shots! Alien Transmissions – Festival Space Bass explodes to earth from deep in space! Whether it’s dubstep, glitch hop, riddim, or any other bass-heavy music style that is blowing up scenes around the world, this awesome library of presets and samples gives you everything you need to create epic festival sound! VST 4 FREE - Free Audio Plug-ins and Archives. Free VST downloads: P-600 II (SCI Prophet 600 emulation by EFM) - tonus 2813 (ARP Odyssey emulation by KBplugs.

The Theremin !
One of the very first electronic instrument, invented by the Russian physicist and cellist Leon Theremin in 1919.

Everybody knows this instrument that you can play without physical contact. The Theremin produces a tone that changes in pitch and dynamic level when the player moves his hands near its antenna and loop.
It’s often associated with 50’s sci-fi movies, furious aliens and creepy/spooky creatures and was also used by many artists, just to name a few :
Beach boys – Good Vibrations !
Portishead – Mysterons
Goldfrapp – Yes Sir
+ Radiohead, Led Zep, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Julien Dragoul and many more !

If you search the perfect VST for this landing spaceship sound here’s a selection of free VSTi that tries to emulate the good old Theremin :

1. Spook Keys by Simple Media

Spook Keys VST

Download :

This is the best Theremin VST emulation, and it’s free !
Drag the light point on the amplitude / frequency axes : instant Theremin action ! Here come the flying saucers. You can also play MIDI notes with your keyboard.
You have 4 waveforms to choose from so there is more than the Theremin sound, check out the presets !
Delay is simple but effective.
Depth and Rate parameters are for the vibrato.

Alien invasion, they are coming

2. BTS Super Theremin

Download it => here

This synth can do a decent Theremin emulation, add some reverb and/or delay after and you’ve got a nice clean gliding sinus Thereminesque sound. The perfect VST for science fiction movies!

BTS Theremin VST + cathedral reverb for more romantic SCI FI sound

3. 666 VST by Eloxoga

the number of the beast

Click on the button, and drag the skull : a demonic Theremin from hell will scream.
Perfect for horror ambience or invoking the devil.

4. Mysteron by FXPansion

Download :

Drag the little cross or use you MIDI keyboard.
This one is very simple, you may need to add a delay / reverb effect after.

5. Bluenoise Theremin

Bluenoise Theremin

Alien vst plugins plugin

Download for free here :

This one is funny, with the hand you can drag.
The range for the vibrato depth is not well calibrated, only the 3 first positions are really usable for Theremin emulation.
The signal is a sinus when you turn the “age” parameter to the maximum
Note that you have to send MIDI message.

Spooky Creepy Scary Funky Science Fiction SFX

6. Super Spook Keys

Free download :

A slightly different version of Spook Keys.
A great VST for classic sci fi sound FX.

7. Enigmatron VST by FXPansion

Enigmatron VST

Direct DL : espace Cubase

This is a customized version of the Mysteron Theremin VST.

8. TerVoxSyn VST by Chris Roberson

Alien Vst Plugins Free

Freeware download :

Alien Vst Plugins Minecraft

This free VST is worth mentionning too. It has a nice “voicy” sound.
Set the timbre to zero for a more “Theremin” sound