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We are running 4 RDJ instances on the same machine using VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) and RadioCaster standalone encoder. RadioCaster supports both DSP and VST plugins which will enable the use of audio processing tools like Stereo Tool. Additionally it's possible to monitor RDJ's output to VAC (e.g. Using Pira CZ Silence Detector). It's almost nothing, but it surely helps developers lots. Let's get to the plugins list! Best VST Drum Machines For Hip Hop (Free). I actually went over the best free drum VST plugins already, but for the sake of this article, I am going to choose the top two! MT Power Drum Kit 2.

How to get the radio FM broadcast processing ?

You have music that you want to broadcast, you have set up a web radio, and now you need this “FM radio sound” : loud, clear and powerful.

You can set up a chain of effects to try to achieve this FM radio sound : multiband compressor (s), equalizer, enhancer… Or you can try this “all in one” FREE plugin, intended for FM broadcasting :

Am Radio Vst Plugin

Smash your sound with ENERGIZE free VST plugin

This very powerful VST plugin is old but nothing compares to it! Let’s have a look in the web archive : energize free plugin

Am Radio Vst Plugin

Here’s the signal flow in the plugin :

signal chain processing

As you can see, the signal is separated into 5 bands :

0-70 Hz
70 Hz – 200 Hz
200 Hz – 1KHz
1 KHz – 5 KHz
5 Khz – 15 KHz

each band is processed separately.
You can download the energize II manual here
You can download the VST plugin here

Using Energize VST in Wavosaur to get the FM radio sound

1) launch Wavosaur

2) load the music / podcast / anything else you want to process : menu File -> Open

3) click on the “rack” button to oepn the VST rack, then click on “Load VST” and choose “EnergizeII.dll” –> EnergizeII.dll is in this archive !!!! => here uncompress and copy in your VST folder <–

4) the VST rack should look like this :

The energize plugin has no GUI, so you have to use the VST rack to access the parameters
the parameters are on the right : AGC release, Compressor drive, Slide B2 etc…
I choose to present the 1.37 version because the next versions don’t show the parameters in the VST host. But if you don’t have to tweak and are satisfied with the default preset sound you can download the other versions : energize plugin v 1.4

5) check “processing” in Wavosaur to hear the effect when playing, click apply if you want to process your sound!

Before / After : ready for the FM broadcasting !!

here’s some before / after to show how dramatic is the effect !

Italo-dance ! note how the sound level is raised on “quiet” parts

biguine bretonne : stereo enhancing is very present

Am Radio Vst Plugin Plugins

new beat / house : back to 1988

house : the level of the part without the beat is dramatically raised ! => fm radio broadcast sound

FM broadcasting yes ! but mastering…

We could be tempted to use this funky plugin for mastering purpose, but i found the effect a bit too radical. It’s perfect to get this radio broadcasting sound. But if you need to master your sounds, more subtle effects are recommended, more articles will come about compressors and eq !
Nothing prevents you from using the free Energize II VST plugin for creative effects though

Big broadcast sound with Stardust VST plugin

Am Radio Vst Plugin Download

Stadust VST is a free and incredibly good plugin, it’s intended for mastering, but with extreme settings you can achieve something close to the “big fat FM radio sound”

Tip: To load a VST plugin into Rocket Broadcaster, click the Broadcast menu at the top, and select Audio Effects->Open VST Plugin...

Stereo Tool

Stereo Tool is one of the most popular broadcast audio processors for FM and internet radio, and is our#1 top pick. It's available in several forms, including a VST plugin that brings world-class audio processingto Rocket Broadcaster.

Stereo Tool offers a comprehensive suite of effects that makes audio consistent, clear, and warm to listen to.It includes two multi-band compressors, stereo enhancement, bass enhancement, a fantastic graphical equalizer, automaticgain control, a noise gate, and much more. It also includes a unique 'declipper', which restores detail in recordingslost by tracks being recorded too loudly.

The free VST plugin version of Stereo Tool plays a short message ('This sound is processed by Stereo Tool') everycouple of hours, but this limitation can be removed by registering Stereo Tool for only €35.The registered version also unlocks the Advanced Clipper feature. For full licensing details, check out the Stereo Tool registration page.

DownloadDownload the Stereo Tool VST plugin here (Windows, free trial with limitations. 32-bit VST)

Am Radio Vst Plugin Vst

Confused by all the Stereo Tool effects? Read this great introduction to standard FM broadcast processing for an overview.

Am Radio Vst Plugins

GranComp3 Free

GranComp3 is a relatively easy to use multiband compressor that helps smooth out theloudness of your broadcast. A multi-band compressor splits the bass, mid, and treble frequenciesof your audio, applies dynamic range compression to bring them all up the same volume level,and then mixes them back together. The result is a more balanced equalization, and usuallybrings out detail that can be lost while listening at lower volumes. (As a broadcaster, youwant to make sure your broadcast sounds good at any volume level, and on any set of speakers.)

To round out the package, GranComp3 also includes a peak limiter (to prevent clipping) and unique 'SonicFilters' that add saturation/character to your audio.

We recommend GranComp3 because it's free, and offers a simple set of presets for mastering. If you're new to VST plugins, compressors, or just want a quick way to enhance yourbroadcast's sound, this is a great plugin to try.

DownloadDownload GranComp3 here (Free, Windows) - Direct Download Link.

Other VSTs to Check Out

  • Terry West Productions - Terry West has a great suite of combined equalizer and compressor plugins. Donationware
  • JB Broadcast - Jeroen Breebart's multi-band compressor design for broadcast, with stereo sub-band processing. Free