Bbe 882i Vst Plugins

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The Best VST Plug-ins

The BBE Sonic Maximizer plug-in will add brilliance, depth, detail, and definition to your music in many PC audio software applications that accept Direct X and VST plug-ins, from multi-track recording to sampling to remixing.

Good plug-ins can give you the tools you need to make your recordings sound truly professional. Reverb to make your track sound like it’s in a real space, a compressor to even out the volume peaks, an eq to keep the mix from getting muddy.

5. BBE Sonic Maximizer

The Sonic Maximizer is a VST version of the BBE 882i hardware unit. The Maximizer can add definition to your recordings. I find it works best if its used on the final mix, but it can give good results on individual tracks as well.

4. Altiverb 6

Bbe 882i Vst Plugins

Altiverb is the best convolution reverb I have found, for those of you who don’t know convolution reverbs allow you to use reverb of real places. Here is a good explanation of convolution reverb.

3. Waves Diamond Bundle
This is the most expensive item on the list, but it’s not really a plug-in you see, it’s a bundle of 41 beard and butter processors. This would have been a top 10 list but this bundle took care of almost every processor or effect that you would ever need for a recording. Now I don’t have room here to list a description of all the individual plug-ins so just go to their website and read about them there.

2. Antares Autotune

Can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Too bad this can’t help you, but it can straighten out the mess you leave behind. Set the key and the amount of correction you want and you’re set… not. If you do what I just you’ll get results like this.

Bbe 882i Vst Plugins Downloads

You have to experiment to get it right and its best if you use it only for sections you absolutely need it, in that situation it can be a life saver.

Bbe 882i Vst Plugins Vst

1. Waves SSL 4000 Collection

This plug-in set is great I use it on every track, of every song I make these days. I leave the DAWs mixer volume at the default setting and set the volumes with the E-channel, it sounds great it just adds something. The SSL 4000 Collection give you access to the sounds of a mixer most of us will never have access to.