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There is a challenge with curating this list of best free VST synths, because, so far, many of the VST synths we have named can really be considered the “best” free synthesizers you can download. And discoDSP’s OB-Xd is constantly referred to as the “best” as well. And listening to its sounds, utilizing it’s interface, and working. Ambience is an incredibly versatile reverb VST plugin that rivals the quality and sound design of the very best commercial reverbs. Due to the superior quality of the plugin and its array of useful presets and functions, the Ambience plugin has become somewhat of a free VST “Classic”.

This article is about the Top 20 free VST plugins released in 2019. For more music production software, visit our Free VST Plugins page.

2019 was a good year for music producers on a budget. If you’re following our News section, you already know about all the free VST plugins that were introduced over the past twelve months. But if not, we created this list to help you find the best free VSTs of 2019.

Top 20 Free VST Plugins Of 2019

Here are the best free VSTs of the year:

    1. Lith by Soda Devices
    2. Defiant WT by Ocean Swift
    3. QRange by lkjb
    4. Frontier by D16 Group Audio Software
    5. HY-Delay 4 FREE by HY-Plugins
    6. TAL-Reverb-4 by Togu Audio Line
    7. Convology XT by Impulse Record
    8. RS-W2395c by FUSE Audio Labs
    9. Ozone Imager V2 by iZotope
    10. SN03-G Tape Recorder by Sender Spike
    11. FreeAMP by Klevgränd
    12. Flower Child Filter by Soundemote
    13. Vocal King Pro by JHudStudio
    14. Rare by Analog Obsession
    15. Finisher Micro by UJAM
    16. Crunck V2 by Nembrini Audio
    17. Vector by 2CAudio
    18. Blindfold EQ by AudioThing
    19. FBVC by Full Bucket Music
    20. Upright Piano by 99Sounds

Click the links for more info about each plugin. Click here to see the honorable mentions.


Lith is a freeware virtual hybrid synthesizer VST plugin for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. The instrument uses wavetables that were sampled from a real analog oscillator to generate the sound. As a result, the plugin sounds warm and full but has the flexibility of a wavetable synthesizer. Lith is a must-have free VST plugin for users who like to experiment with new and unusual virtual synthesizers.

There’s a lot of potential in Lith, but this virtual synthesizer is still far from perfect. For starters, you will probably want to change the default light skin to the dark version. That said, Lith is one of the most promising new virtual instruments released in 2019 and one of our most-used free VST plugins of the year.

More info:Lith

Defiant WT

Defiant WT is another hybrid synthesizer VST plugin on the list. It combines three different types of synthesis (Wavetable, Subtractive, and Additive) in an intuitive interface. Defiant WT is simple enough to be used by beginner music producers, much more so that Lith and ModulAir. The instrument comes with 200 original factory wavetables for the oscillator. Another 100 wavetables are included in the LFO module.

More info:Defiant WT


QRange is a twelve-band linear-phase equalizer VST plugin for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. It was developed by lkjb, the same programmer who crafted the Luftikus analog-modeled parametric equalizer. Unlike its analog-inspired counterpart, QRange is an entirely transparent linear-phase EQ designed for audio mastering purposes. The plugin provides twelve frequency band controls and a built-in real-time spectrum analyzer.

More info:QRange


Frontier is a free limiter VST plugin with adjustable release time, soft-clipping, and auto-gain functionality. Note that this is not a brickwall limiter plugin. Think of it as a heavy compressor with a fixed attack time and an adjustable threshold. The plugin was released back in 2016, but it was only available for existing D16 Audio customers. It was re-released as “freeware for all” in February 2019.

More info:Frontier

HY-Delay 4 Free

HY-Delay 4 Free is a freeware delay VST plugin by HY-Plugins. Its coolest feature is the built-in “ducker” effect. The ducker module lowers the volume of the delayed signal when the volume of the processed audio signal increases. As a result, the delay effect is more focused because the dry and the wet signal don’t overlap as much. HY-Delay 4 Free also features a three-band equalizer, cross-feedback, and a randomizer button for changing the values of all control parameters with a single click.

Another great feature in HY-Delay 4 FREE is the randomization tool. Experiment with it to randomize the parameters and come up with some crazy sounding echoes. The built-in limiter will come in handy to prevent excess volume peaks on the output. HY-Delay is one of the best free VST plugin effects of 2019.

More info:HY-Delay 4 Free


TAL-Reverb-4 is a freeware plate reverb. It is the fourth iteration of Togu Audio Line’s free reverb VST plugin. The newly released TAL-Reverb-4 has an unmistakably 80s sound character and a freshly redesigned user interface. The source code improvements under the hood ensured that the reverb algorithm sounds better than ever while consuming fewer CPU resources. If you’re looking for a vintage-sounding reverb effect, TAL-Reverb-4 is worth a try.

More info:TAL-Reverb-4

Convology XT

Convology XT is a convolution reverb VST plugin. It is a zero-latency convolution reverb with a selection of 70 built-in impulse responses. Most of the included impulses were sampled from hardware reverb units, ranging from vintage studio reverb effects to guitar amp spring reverbs. The plugin can also load external impulse responses in WAV format. Thanks to Convology XT’s advanced interface, the user can adjust the attack and release times, decay, gain, and various other parameters of the loaded IR file.

If you want to dive into the world of convolution reverbs, Convology XT is a great place to start. Free to download and easy to use, it is also packed with a decent collection of reverb impulses. Another free VST plugin released in 2019 that we used a lot.

More info:Convology XT


RS-W2395C emulates a classic hardware Baxandall EQ unit from the 1950s. The development team at Fuse Audio Labs worked on RS-W2395C in collaboration with Roger Schult, the creator of the original hardware unit. The plugin features a pair of active Baxandall EQ tone controls for the high and low ends of the frequency spectrum. Also included is a semi-parametric mid-band filter that can be set to any target frequency between 155 Hz and 3.5 kHz. This free VST is useful for mastering and applying broad EQ adjustments while mixing.

More info:RS-W2395c

Ozone Imager V2

Ozone Imager V2 is the updated version of iZotope’s freeware stereo widening tool. Unlike most stereo processors, this free VST can convert mono audio signals to stereo without introducing phasing issues. Ozone Imager V2 works best as a subtle audio enhancement plugin for a transparent stereo widening effect. It also features a resizable interface and three stereo metering and analysis modes.

More info:Ozone Imager V2

SN03-G Tape Recorder

SN03-G Tape Recorder is a tape emulation VST plugin. The software features an innovative tape emulation concept that allows the user to create an entirely customized virtual tape recorder. Signal Noise SN03-G Tape Recorder’s simulated tape recording machine can operate in the range between 7.5 and 30 IPS while conforming to the NAB, IEC, and AES equalization standards. The plugin also features a VU meter for easy gain staging.

More info:SN03-G Tape Recorder


FreeAMP is a freeware analog saturation effect developed by Klevgränd. This streamlined freeware VST features a simple interface with only three control parameters. It is based on the same saturation algorithms that were used in the REAMP analog modeling plugin from the same developer. FreeAMP delivers the complex analog saturation that is the result of using vintage tape recorders and tube preamps.

Fans of Softube’s excellent Saturation Knob plugin will feel right at home with FreeAMP. It follows a similar concept while providing a different flavor of analog saturation. FreeAMP is a great free VST for warming up audio mixes and individual tracks.

More info:FreeAMP

Flower Child Filter

Flower Child Filter is a boutique analog-style filter effect. It contains two filter algorithms from the forthcoming FMD filterbank plugin by the same developer. Flower Child Filter can switch between a clean resonant filter and a far more aggressive sounding filter module that is suitable for sound designers who like to experiment with heavy distortion. The filter can self-oscillate and simulate the behavior of analog filter modules. The implemented smoothing and oversampling controls are there to clean up the VST plugin’s output and prevent aliasing.

More info:Flower Child Filter

Vocal King Pro

Vocal King Pro is a dual compressor freeware VST plugin optimized for processing vocals. The plugin also features an EQ section for enhancing the vocal’s tone. Thanks to its combination of filtering and compression, Vocal King Pro is a powerful all-in-one solution for vocal processing similar to premium plugins like CLA Vocals and JST Bus Glue. The plugin was initially sold for $29 before being re-released as freeware on November 7th, 2019.

More info:Vocal King Pro


Rare is a free VST emulation of the famous Pultec tube program equalizer. The plugin is a dual-band EQ effect with the Boost and Attenuate control knobs found in Pultec hardware units. Rare can perform the low-end EQ focusing trick, which consists of attenuating and boosting the bass frequencies at the same time. As a result, the low-end of the processed signal will sound more pronounced while avoiding muddiness.

More info:Rare

Finisher Micro

Finisher Micro is a multi-effect VST plugin with a single-knob user interface. This single knob is actually a macro control that connects to various FX parameters depending on the active preset. Ujam Finisher comes with a wide selection of multi-effect presets, from sweepable filters and distorted compressors to flangers and wild modulation effects. If you need a simple sound design tool with multiple FX types, this free VST plugin is worth adding to your mixing arsenal.

More info:Finisher Micro

Crunck V2

Crunck V2 is a freeware guitar amplifier VST by Nembrini Audio. Interestingly, Crunck V2 was created by the same programmer who worked for Brainworx to develop the company’s premium range of virtual guitar amplification software. Crunck V2 is a simple plugin with all the features you’d expect to find in a basic guitar amp sim. It features input and output gain controls, three tone controls, a presence control, and a built-in IR-based cabinet simulator with 30 integrated cabinet impulse responses.

More info:Crunck V2


Vector is a free stereo analysis VST plugin. It boasts an ultra-precise spatial image analysis algorithm that detects phasing issues without reporting false positives. It is the perfect audio utility to use in tandem with stereo enhancement VST plugins such as the Ozone Imager V2 featured above.

More info:Vector

Blindfold EQ

Blindfold EQ is an analog-style parametric equalizer free VST plugin with optional soft clipping distortion. The plugin was developed to help beginner mixing engineers improve their EQing skills by using their ears instead of looking at the dials on the GUI. The interface doesn’t show any numerical values, so you’re forced to concentrate and focus on listening while using the equalizer. It’s an interesting concept that is worth a try if you want to become better at mixing audio.

More info:Blindfold EQ


FBVC is a freeware vocoder VST plugin released by Full Bucket Music. Based on the hardware analog vocoders of yesteryear, it is a great tool for adding a bit of that Daft Punk vibe to your songs. Easy to setup unlike most other freeware vocoders, FBVC is well worth checking out. One of our favorite free VST plugins of 2019.

More info:FBVC

Upright Piano

Upright Piano is a free acoustic piano VST plugin by 99Sounds. It features six velocity layers per sampled note and four samples per octave. The volume envelope, key release, and the output volume can be fine-tuned by the user. This free VST also features built-in tremolo, low-pass filter, modulation, and reverb effects. Upright Piano can sound both realistic and lo-fi. It is especially useful for lofi hip-hop music production.

The combination of pitch modulation and filtering make Upright Piano sound like it was sampled from an old tape. Add some reverb on top to complete the effect.

More info:Upright Piano

Best Free VST 2019 – Honorable Mentions

These free VSTs from 2019 are also very good. They aren’t included in our main list, but you should check them out.

  • Airwindows released dozens of top-notch audio plugins in 2019, as expected. It is hard to pick a single plugin from this amazing developer’s seemingly endless portfolio of free VST plugins. That’s why we are featuring him as the #1 honorable mention on the list and letting you decide which Airwindows plugin you like best.
  • Tape Cassette by Caelum Audio emulates the tone and saturation of old tape recorders. It is a fun little lo-fi effect to add to your VST plugin arsenal.
  • 7Q is a free VST inspired by the old Kjaerhus Classic Equalizer plugin. It features a similar user interface and a feature set that can be equally useful for mixing and mastering purposes. Another benefit is that 7Q is well-optimized and consumes very few CPU resources.
  • Emvoice One is a free vocal synthesizer VST plugin. The free version of the software is elementary but still fun to use (and potentially very useful). You will need to pay for an upgrade to unleash Emvoice One’s full vocal synthesis potential. Nevertheless, a free VST plugin that is worth checking out.
  • Verberate Basic is a free VST plugin to download if you like your reverbs as simple as possible. Great reverb sound and simple controls make for a fantastic combo when you’re in a hurry during a mixing session.
  • Kee Bass is a bass keyboard virtual instrument by Martinic. Being that it’s an emulation of an almost half-century-old electronic keyboard instrument, Kee Bass is not a very flexible synthesizer. But the sonic character is where this free VST truly shines. Analog goodness for days!
  • Voloco is a fun free autotune VST plugin based on an iOS app. It’s not an in-depth pitch correction tool but more of a creative effect.
  • Element Modular is a fully modular free VST plugin host. Worth a look if you like experimenting with building custom plugin chains in a way that isn’t possible in a digital audio workstation. It is also great as a VST plugin host for live performance setups.
  • NanoHost is a simple VST plugin host for Windows. It loads the VST plugin, displays the interface, handles MIDI input, and is also capable of recording your performances as audio files. NanoHost is the perfect tool for testing free VST plugins before loading them in your main DAW.
  • KOMPLETE START Bundle is a collection of free music production software by Native Instruments. Nothing substantially new here, but it is nice to find all Native Instruments freebies in one place.
  • Loopcloud 5.0 is a free sample manager by Loopmasters. The software gets better with every new iteration. Loopcloud now works as a VST plugin and is one step closer to becoming a powerful cloud-powered sample-based musical instrument that it aims to be.
  • T-Force Alpha Plus 2 is a powerful synthesizer VST plugin designed for trance music production. It was released in 2019, but, unfortunately, it can’t be downloaded right now. Hopefully, the developer will provide a download link soon.

Limited-Time Free VST Plugins

These are premium VST plugins that you can freely download for a limited time only. These offers are ending soon!

  • Raum is a reverb VST plugin by Native Instruments.
  • Celestial is a psychoacoustic mastering tool from Acoustica Audio.

You can also download the BPB Christmas Bundle 2019, a 2 GB collection of royalty-free samples from ten premium sound design labels.

That’s all BPB had in store for you in 2019. We’re taking a short break, and we’ll see you in 2020! Until then, have fun and make some great music!

For more freeware plugins and instruments, return to our Free VST Plugins page.

Orchestral VSTs have never been more accessible to producers.

Soaring strings, fluttering woodwinds, and deep brass will bring an epic and emotional quality to your tracks and enhance their dramatic energy.

Orchestral libraries can contain thousands of samples and several instrument specific articulations. It’s not surprising that many paid orchestral plugins can cost upwards of a thousand dollars.


You get what you pay for when it comes to plugins, but the quality of free has been on the rise.

That’s why I’m rounding up the 6 best free orchestral VSTs capable of emulating a real orchestra.

Let’s get started.

1. Spitfire LABS

Spitfire LABS is a top contender when it comes to free plugins.

LABS is an ongoing series of free software instruments made by musicians and sampling experts in London. It’s updated with new sounds constantly, and sports an easy to use user interface.

Their soft piano plugin is still a go-to piano sound for many professional composers. Some musicians have used it to write entire albums of solo piano music.

LABS offers top quality string samples, warm brass samples, and several other unique additions of the orchestra.

LABS offers top quality string samples, warm brass samples, and several other unique additions of the orchestra.

2. Orchestral Tools Layers

Best Free Soundfont Vst

Orchestral Tools is a high quality orchestral library creator. It’s no surprise that their free offering packs some of the best free orchestral sounds you can get.

Layers’ packs 17 GB of orchestral samples. It includes four different microphone positions and a variety of articulations.

It allows you to generate full chords with one touch of a button. It’s also capable of MIDI keyswitching, which gives you tons of control to blend instrument sections and shift dynamics.

Layers’ was recorded on the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin. This recording environment gives it a professional sound with top quality acoustics. It’s one of the most realistic sounding free orchestral libraries available.

3. The Total Composure Orchestra

The Total Composure Orchestra is a full orchestral sample library. It was created by using samples that are in the public domain.

The public domain consists of creative work that has no exclusive intellectual property rights. All the 1500 samples in the total composure orchestra are pre-cleared for use in your music.

The public domain consists of creative work that has no exclusive intellectual property rights.

The Total Composure Orchestra uses Native Instruments Kontakt as a sample loader. That means you’ll get access to the advanced Kontakt scripting features that make samples sound even more realistic.

Kontakt isn’t free, but it’s a worthwhile tool to invest in if you plan on using more orchestral libraries in the future.

4. Project Sam’s The Free Orchestra

The Free Orchestra by Project Sam is a collection of samples from many of their paid products. It’s the high quality sample platter of orchestral libraries.

The Free Orchestra’s samples range from epic string staccatos to dystopian sound design.

The Free Orchestra’s samples range from epic string staccatos to dystopian sound design.

The best thing about this orchestral VST is that it runs in the free version of Kontakt—the Kontakt Player. This is perfect if you want to get started with Kontakt libraries without the commitment of buying the full version.

The Free Orchestra features incredible options for sound design. Parameters such as envelope controls, effects, octaver, and reverse make it one of the most versatile plugins on this list.

The Free Orchestra is the perfect entry level orchestra for any genre.

5. BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover by Spitfire Audio

BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover is another incredible offering from Spitfire Audio. Discover was designed to make orchestral scoring accessible to all music creators.

In the past, you would have to make an investment of hundreds of dollars or more to begin composing with an orchestra.

Discover includes 35 instruments and 47 techniques. All the instruments are premixed into one mix signal. This gives you a bit less control than a paid library, while still boasting a professional sound.

Discover includes “mode switching” which allows you to share your compositions with others. Composers that have different editions of the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra can play and edit your music. This is also convenient if you plan on upgrading from Discover to one of Spitfire Audio’s paid offerings.

6. Versilian Chamber Orchestra Community

Versilian Chamber Orchestra Community is an open source version of Versilian Chamber Orchestra 2. It was created for musicians that want to create better sounding music using sample libraries without the cost.

The VSCO Community edition comes with 19 unique instruments, and 3000 individual samples. The library includes the basic articulations of the orchestra. It allows you to create realistic mockups right out of the box.

You’ll need a sample loader to run this library. Luckily, this library is compatible with the free sample loader Sforzando, which runs .sfz files.

This is a helpful non-proprietary format that stores instrument data for software synthesizers.

VSCO Community is also compatible with the full version of Kontakt.

Fork over the Orch

Best Free Vst For Sound Design

Free orchestral libraries used to ‘sound’ like they were free. Now, you can get a pro orchestral sound in your DAW with no financial commitment.

These libraries are a dime a dozen. Try them out in your DAW and make an epic banger.

Best Free Vst Bass Sound

They’ll be a good indicator of what will come next on your shopping list.