Best Vst Guitar Amp Effect Modelling Plugins

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Pre-Filtering, Amp, and Cabinet in One Boogex is a free guitar amplifier by Voxengo. With this VST plugin it is possible to get a heavy distorted sound as well as light overdrive sound. In the pre-filtering stage you can shape the sound of the amplifier filtering the incoming guitar signal. An amp simulator (amp sim for short) is a plugin that imitates the sound of a guitar amp. Run your guitar through one of these plugins and you’ll have hundreds of iconic guitar tones at your fingertips. As you can imagine, a good amp sim can save you tons of time and money. Who likes saving time and money? Best Free Guitar Pedal Plug-ins: Our Top 8 Virtual Stompboxes Source: Previous Next Plug-in modeling technology has come a long way in recent years, and they’re not just useful for enhancing DI guitars anymore – sometimes it can get you a much better sound than tracking in a less than ideal space or using subpar gear.

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For the last decade or more, software creators have tried to replicate the sounds of the real instruments that people have learned to love over the years, such as the sound of a PRS guitar plugged into and Orange valve amp – and we have come a long way.

Leading music software developers Native Instruments offer their Guitar Rig Pro solution that gives you a huge variety of options for tweaking your guitar tone – offering a very wide range of amps, cabs, effects, and mics. And this is done all through an admittedly geeky but clean interface for €179.

One of the few hardware amp manufacturers that produces its own amp modelling plugin is Peavey with ReValver, originally developed by Alien Connections. It offers some pretty phenomenal emulations of Peavey amps, but you also get a good variety of models of other manufacturers’ gear including effects and stompboxes. Add to that, the draggable rack-based design and the ability to host VST effects and you have a very powerful solution on your hands for £179.

IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube has long been a leader in this field, offering one of the best interfaces around alongside over 160 components making beautiful tones through its suite of stomps, effects, mics, cabs, and amps. At 270 euros it isn’t cheap, but they do offer a free version of AmplitTube 3 which limited to 24 gear modules with others available for later purchase – meaning there is a much cheaper way to get the tone you need for that guitar sound.

Another free option is the suite of LePou guitar plugins which provide a variety of guitar amp and cab simulations both Mac and PC for nada – always something we appreciate here at AudioMelody. If you don’t mind a rather basic interface that comprises of simply a list of faders and parameters to adjust then the freeware Simulanalog Guitar Suite is another great option – it offers five stompbox emulations, two amps (models of the Fender Twin 1969 and the Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb), and we found the lack of a glitzy interface refreshing.

Of course in our book it is difficult to match the enjoyment offered by the real guitars and ams that you can pick up easily over at our sponsors Sounds Great Music, but the software is now matching the hardware in tone.

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Best Vst Guitar Amp

ToneLib has released ToneLib GFX, a freeware guitar amp modeling suite in VST, VST3, and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Vst Guitar Amp Collection

ToneLib GFX is an all-in-one guitar amp modeling software package with a wide range of amplifier, cabinet, and pedal simulations. Its interface resembles popular commercial software like Guitar Rig and AmpliTube but feels more lightweight and less cluttered. Considering the amount of included gear models, it is hard to believe that such software can be offered as freeware.

Best Vst Guitar Amp Effect Modelling Plugins
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One of the reasons why ToneLib GFX feels so lightweight and easy to use is that the developers chose not to create custom GUI designs for each amp model and guitar pedal. This results in a streamlined user interface with intuitive control layout and control parameters which are easy to identify. The sound quality is also very good, although I’d love to hear what some more experienced guitar amp software users have to say about this in the comments section below. I only use virtual guitar amps from time to time so I’m not the best judge of quality for this particular type of software.

It seems that ToneLib GFX was released some time ago but it went under the radar. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best freeware guitar processing plugins available on the market. Even if you’re not a guitar player, you might find it useful as a versatile multi-effects unit and a flexible distortion plugin with plenty of character.

To start using ToneLib GFX, simply download the installer package from the product page linked below and complete the installation process. There’s no registration nor software activation involved. Once installed, ToneLib can be used as a standalone application or a VST, VST3, or AU plugin in a compatible DAW.

Best Vst Guitar Amp Effect Modelling Plugins Download

ToneLib GFX is available for free download via ToneLib(24.8 MB download size, EXE installer, 64-bit VST/VST3/AU plugin formats for Windows, macOS, and Linux).