Can Vst Plugins Go Corrupt

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There are a few things you can try. Click on the 'Home' icon in the Browse pane and then click on the Update Plug-ins button. Also, go to Preferences - Locations - VST Plug-ins and see what directory is listed under 'Locations.' Then you can go to your desktop and check to see if the plugins are actually in that directory.

Help! My reaper project won’t open!

It’s true, even Reaper can crash. Worse, sometimes your project can keep crashing reaper repeatedly and keep you from opening the program normally.

In every case I’ve seen there is a solution and the project can be recovered with minimal loss of data/work. In this article I’ll tell you about some of your options.


My first strategy would be to try the most recent backup, either from the project folder or the auto backups folder. If that opens fine then Save As to a new file. Go here for more information about auto backups.

When reaper crashes you should see what thread crashed in the error report. It will say something like “Thread 7 crashed”. Scroll down to see what thread 7 was. Usually this will be a plugin to blame but not always. Disabling plugins is a good way to troubleshoot.

You can try moving the blamed plugin from your VST or AU folder and reopening the project. You’ll get an error that the plugin is missing, but at least you got it back up and running.

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Contact the plugin developer for support.

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If you can open a new project you can try setting that plugin to buggy plugin compatibility mode or run in a dedicated process (bridged).

If you can open reaper without loading the last project you can then open the project with all plugins offline, and enable them one by one.

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You can also open a copy of the project in a text editor and remove all instances of that plugin.

If reaper defaults to loading your last project (the one that crashes) you can try editing the reaper.ini file in the resources folder to disable that function.
Open reaper.ini in a text editor and remove the entry for “lastproject=” and “lasteprojuiref=“ to disable auto-loading the last project.

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Once you’re into reaper you can disable that preference or set it to load your default template.

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