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Casio CZ-1000 vs VirtualCZ VST Hi, So, I have spotted a mint condition Casio CZ-1000 for $150 and I was wondering if there's any advantage on having the real hardware thing over just using a VST plugin that, by the look of it and from several reviews, seems to make a good job emulating the sound of the CZ line of synths. The CZ-1000 is a full-size keyboard version of the CZ-101 for a slightly more practical edge. Later CZ-series models like the CZ-3000 and CZ-5000 used this new Phase Distortion synthesis in more professional instruments. But none are as small and portable as the CZ-101 is! It can even be strapped on like a guitar and run on battery power.

Set of virtual synthesizers from Arturia:

ARP 2600 V3 v3.5.0 is a truly universal tool for creating sound, which still takes its place in modern music. With a unique combination of semi-modular architecture and connected routing, the instrument has become one of the most versatile synthesizers of the 1970s.

Buchla Easel V v1.5.0 is the reincarnation of an iconic tool that helped define the experimental modular synthesis of the West Coast direction in the early 70s. Our enhancements give the instrument significant advanced features for sound design and avant-garde music.

CMI V v1.5.0 is the reincarnation of the first commercially available digital separable system in the history of music – the sound power station behind many of the early megahits of the MTV era. We even went the extra mile and added new creative features that were not available in those days.

CS-80 V3 v3.5.0 – The virtual model may still be the same as the original could do, but in addition it has a modulation matrix and multi-layer Multi mode, which significantly expand the potential of the tool. As in all Arturia virtual instruments, this model employs “no” aliasing, that is, they do not have an internal “reflection” of frequencies from the upper boundary of the range, which leads to the appearance of spurious sound tones.

CZ V v1.1.0 – Models the Casio CZ-101 and CZ-1000, two iconic synthesizers behind many of the 80s pop hits. It adds a ton of new features that make it the tool of the ages

DX7 V v1.5.0 – In 1983, the DX7 changed the world of music. Today, the DX7 V gives you the opportunity to change it again.
Nothing says better about the 80s like the sound of the DX7. Our authentic synthesizer gives you all the same FM technologies and sounds that the instrument gave, which has taken an esteemed place in the history of keyboards and modern music.

Jup-8 V3 v3.5.0 – The Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer, perhaps, to the least extent requires a special presentation. Immediately after appearing on the music market in the early 80s, it instantly gained worldwide recognition and, despite its age, is still popular.

Matrix-12 V2 v2.5.0 – Times are changing, and now all the features of the original tool have been transferred by Arturia engineers to the virtual Matrix-12 V. And, according to the established tradition, some additional functions were added to them, which were not in the original.

Casio Cz 101 Vst Free Plugin

Casio Cz 101 Vst Free

Mini V3 v3.5.0 – the instrument is an “extended”, as is customary at Arturia, copy of the well-known synthesizer Minimoog D.


Modular V3 v3.5.0 – This huge modular system showed that electronics can be musical, so it is a catalyst for every synthesizer we see today. We revived the uplifting modular synthesizer that has dominated the music world since the 1960s.

Pigments v1.2.1 – A very powerful virtual wavetable analog synthesizer is Pigments and it will change the way you create music. Turning a spark of imagination into sound is the most important, exciting part of making music. Pigments makes this process natural, intuitive and vibrant.

Prophet V3 v3.5.0 – The virtual synthesizer Prophet V contains the stuffing of two instruments: Prophet 5 and Prophet VS. Separate screen interfaces are also prepared for access to them.

SEM V2 v2.5.0 – software emulation of one of the most famous synthesizers of the Oberheim brand – SEM. The virtual model perfectly combines warm musical tones accurately reproduced with TAE technology with a full range of innovative features

Synclavier V v2.5.0 – The possibilities of sound generation of a virtual instrument are almost endless, but, of course, a lot of work needs to be done to implement them. Some idea of ​​the potential of the tool can be compiled from factory presets, of which a huge amount is recorded, but they do not cover the whole range of its capabilities. Some presets show precisely complex chains of samples, with a multifaceted and continuous “sweep” of the timbre.

Synthi V v1.1.0 – Synthi V fully reflects the spirit of the unique analog synthesizer that appeared in London in the 70s to inspire the whole developing world of electronic music, and has new superpowers that inspire our world today, and your music will sound differently .

In honor of’s first ever Casio Day, I’ve put together this little collection of free Casio VSTs and sound banks! This is a collection of 7 Windows based VSTs, 2 sound banks, and one Ableton instrument that are all either Casio emulators, sampled from, or Casio inspired. Each listing has an individual download link, as well as mirrors. There’s also a rar file of all the plugins and sample packs together at the bottom of the post! Enjoy!

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First up is the classic and mega-cheesy VL tone! Here’s a nifty and very realistic free plugin called the VL1

Number two is what looks like one seriously awesome Casio CZ style emulator, The Kassiopeia!

For number three we’ve got the Plastique, an HT-700 inspired plugin. This little plugin is quite cool. Not really exactly like an HT, but has some great sounds and very useful. Still definitely has the Casio vibe too.

Number four is my own Mothman Z3000. This is another CZ type plugin. I modeled it specifically after the CZ-3000 with some slight differences. It comes bundled with 3 other Mothman synths. ALL FREE!

Number five, Casiopia. This is yet another CZ inspired 8 voice polyphonic synth. I’ve posted all the different CZ plugins because each has their own character and sounds.

Number Six – Cheapo-Tone, this is another VL inspired plugin, but instead of using samples, this one is a true software synth with digital oscillators to create the tones. You can also create your own patches from scratch and save them. Very cool!

Number Seven – Casio PT-10 Sound Pack. Here’s a 17mb soundpack from Seaweed Factory to be used in Ableton or anything really. There are sounds and loops included.

Number Eight – Casiotone CT-101 Ableton Instrument. This is an ALP file to use in Ableton which is nice other than just having raw samples to work with.

Number Nine – The undeniable classic Casio SK-1 (Sample Set) Unfortunately there’s not a plugin out there yet that emulates the sampling feature of an SK-1, but there’s some pretty good sound sets of the other built-in sounds, like this one.

Number Ten – Freon Surfer FZ. Last but not least is this really cool plugin that isn’t an FZ emulator, but rather drum samples that were captured from the Freon Surfer preset of the Sonic Charge MicroTonic software drum machine using the Casio FZ-20M, then made into a plugin with variable 9khz or 36khz sample rates, time stretched, and overdrive settings.

Well there you have it, 10 free plugins and sound sets that are all Casio! Now you have enough casio plugs to create a whole album using nothing but Casio sounds. Hmmmm… I just might do that!

Casio Cz 101 Vst Free Trial

If you want to cut to the chase and get everything at once, I’ve made a handy dandy rar file of everything in this post to download all at once!