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Sound recovery plugins are tools you theoretically will never need. In the end, we all record audio at the right level, and in almost perfectly isolated rooms. But in the real world there are various types of signals (dictaphone, cassette, vinyl …) that cannot be cleaned with a regular gate, equalizer or compressor. Even small background noises, when maximized, will be noticeable and annoying. In this list, we highlight 7 powerful programs for cleaning and restoring audio. Some of them are autonomous, while some exist in VST formats.

Speed up your Mac. An army of maintenance tools. When your Mac stalls, free up its RAM memory in a click. Also, run Maintenance scripts to make your apps more responsive. Now, your MacBook is unstoppable. Full-scale macOS optimization. Find and disable apps that cannibalize your memory resources. Switch off background plugins and fix small. On this page, you will find a list of over 70 high-quality free Vst plugins you can download and use for free in your various Daw Software. Welcome and enjoy your stay here! Note: These plugins are randomly listed, no best of best among the Vst plugins, just sort and check the one you would find useful below. This list has been categorised. 2) I also tried other free VST plugins for MAC, but with no luck (no one working in any host on my Mac OS X Mountain Lion), i think these are too old plugins, or maybe ppc plugins (even if they were said to work on Mac OS X).

iZotope RX 6

It is a reliable and frequent choice among professionals around the world. RX builds on years of extensive research in advanced digital processing and machine learning. The sixth version has on board the maximum technology with many presets and algorithms for each type of signal.

The RX6 is moving towards a cleanup that once seemed impossible. Today it is one of the most advanced tools, and there is an opinion that if it does not cope with recovery, then other plugins are even more so.

Last April, iZotope released Standard and Advanced versions, and also added a new RXElements product, which replaced the Plugin Pack and includes the RX6 Standalone Editor application, as well as plugins that were in the RX package. iZotope was able to stir technology, and now you can eliminate microphone noise, wind, dialogs, and much more.

Prices: $ 129 – $ 1,199. You can learn more on the site iZotope.

Todd-AO Absentia

Todd-AO released Absentia DX with an algorithm that is designed to analyze dialogue entries, and then eliminate buzz, clicks and third-party artifacts, while maintaining the integrity of the human voice. Absentia DX is a completely different approach to cleaning audio.

The first difference is that it is a standalone application, not a plug-in for a DAW program. You can simply drag and drop files / folders, and the program will process the audio in accordance with the selected settings. Another key feature is that the application does not change metadata, which is great news for Pro Tools users. It is a smart batch processing tool with easy and complex presets.

Clean my mac vst plugins free

The price is amazing and is only 49 $. More details on the site Todd-AO.

Accusonus ERA Range

Accusonus has 3 audio recovery tools in its range.

  • ERA-D is aimed at post-production professionals and dialogue editors who need a quick fix. It is based on two tasks: suppressing noise and eliminating the room (reverb).
  • ERA-N Denoise – thanks to it, the user can reduce or completely remove unwanted background sounds from fans, air conditioners, or other similar signal types.
  • ERA-R Dereverberation – Accosonus claim to be the only plug-in on the market that can remove excessive room with a single button.

Thus, in your hands there will be three necessary plug-ins for basic problem tasks. Works on Mac and Windows. The prices for each module are different, you can find out in more detail on the Accusonus ERA website.

Acon Digital – Restoration Suite

It consists of four sound recovery tools: DeNoise, DeHum, DeClick and DeClip. Version 1.7 added support for multi-channel formats such as 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, as well as support for the VST3 plug-in standard.

  • DeNoise is a plugin designed to reduce stationary noise. Great efforts were aimed at maintaining the original signal and its maximum readability.
  • DeHum eliminates hum and noise, which is poorly noticeable in the recording (located at medium and low frequencies).
  • DeClick is designed to remove impulsive unwanted sounds, such as: clicks, pops, explosions and bumps.
  • DeClip restores sound recordings distorted by analog or digital compression.

The Restoration Suite is available for both Windows and OS X (Macintosh) for $ 99.90. More details on the site Acon Digital.

Klevgr. Busfri

Brusfri is a relatively new noise reduction plugin designed with a simple and straightforward interface. It is very suitable for cleaning and does not interfere with the phase of the sound during suppression. The method of studying unwanted audio is similar to the product from iZotope and involves studying it (by holding down the LEARN button for a few seconds), and then eliminating the noise. Its tasks are absolutely standard and similar to its predecessors.

The product is available with all operating systems and is priced at $ 59.

Sonnox Restore

Sonnox Restore is a set of three plugins designed to restore sound from a well-known company. These are advanced algorithms and new functions that allow you to quickly and extremely efficiently remove stamping, clicks, cracks, scratches, hum and background noise from almost any recording without damaging the important “desired” audio content.

DeClicker has a dialogue mode and an “exception field” to save the desired audio; DeBuzzer has 3 frequency ranges and real-time tracking for problematic frequency frequencies, while DeNoiser with independent De-hisser offers powerful broadband noise reduction.

At the moment, tools are only available for Mac OS at a price of $ 465 for the entire package.

Cedar Studio 7

Cedar Studio 7 is offered as a set of plug-ins AAX and VST for Mac and PC, as well as its standalone version of “Retouch 7”. All of them are aimed at eliminating problems and significantly improving the quality of the source. Each Studio7 process has been dedicated and refined with the award-winning flagship CEDAR Cambridge and delivers results without fuss and user intervention.

The package includes such modules as: Auto Dehiss (noise removal), Debuzz (clearing the entire spectrum from the hum), Declick (impulsive detection of artifacts and their invisible correction), Declip (reduces clipping), Decrackle (takes out a damaged signal) and DNS One ( modern standard created on the basis of the progenitors DNS1000, DNS1500, DNS2000 and DNS3000).

Other equally important plugins and modules are available in the package. These are very expensive products, each of which costs $ 2900 (DNS One – $ 3800). The price of the whole set: $ 11,000.

If difficulties arise, contact our studio, we will do our best so that you get a readable and acceptable sound. Of course, it is worth considering that an extremely spoiled record will not sound like a studio one, but we are able to remove artifacts and clear noises on a professional level!

This free plugin will be added to your account automatically when you join Plugin Alliance. If you already have an account you can download and start using this plugin today.

Ever wonder why there are Hi-Pass and Lo-Pass filters in every channel of the most expensive analog consoles, like SSLs and NEVEs? The reason is professional mixers rely on Hi-Pass and Lo-Pass filters to clean up the mud from the bottom and the grit from the high end, often as the first stage of the mixing process.

bx_cleansweep is the plugin that should go into every mix channel as the first plugin. This way you can filter out any unwanted hi-end and lo-end, and the result is a clean and tight mix.

Don’t think that just because bx_cleansweep V2 is free it’s not high quality. To the contrary, bx_cleansweep uses high quality Brainworx filters with “Anti Crush Technology,” providing the same professional quality as its more famous big brothers like bx_digital V2.

Brainworx Anti-Crush technology uses analog style filter curves that eliminate common digital sound problems like harshness and aliasing. This advanced filter design is taken from their pro mastering EQ, bx_digital V2. First order filters (6 dB per octave) guarantee an extremely musical-sounding filter set, and a unique joystick interface (taken from the bx_hybrid) gives you fast and intuitive control.

Clean My Mac Vst Plugins Plugin

Once you hear how great Brainworx filters sound, you might want to download the 14 day full function demos (no dongle required!) of Brainworx’s more sophisticated EQ products like bx_hybrid EQ V2, the bx_dynEQ V2 or their flagship bx_digital V2.