Clipper Vst Plugin

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  1. Soft Clipper Vst Plugin
  2. Clipper Vst Plugin
  3. Soft Clipper Vst Plugin

Size 0.18 MB / 0.20 MB GClip is a wave-shaping signal clipper. It prevents the signal level from exceeding a specified maximum. The clipping function used can be altered to have a hard- or soft-knee.

  • ClipStar is a soft clipper effect plugin, designed to prevent peaks in a subtler way than hard clipping, increase loudness and add pleasing saturation. Where ClipStar differs from other clippers is that it can leave the low frequencies untouched, where distortion is more evident, and allow a greater boost in gain without noticeably degrading the signal.
  • T-RackS Classic Clipper is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Only 64-bit plugin hosts are supported. More info: T-RackS Classic Clipper (FREE @ IK Multimedia until September 22nd, 2020).

IK Multimedia is offering the T-RackS Classic Clipper as a free download for all of its new and existing newsletter subscribers before September 22nd, 2020.

T-RackS Classic Clipper is part of IK Multimedia’s popular T-RackS CS “Custom Shop” collection of mixing and mastering tools. It is a peak clipper effect with an adjustable slope and a handy gain reduction meter. Classic Clipper also features an optional “saturation” mode which further enhances the signal by adding harmonics.

Thanks to the slope adjustment control, the user can fine-tune the plugin’s clipping circuit. It can operate as a soft clipper, a hard clipper, or you can set it somewhere between those two extremes.

T-RackS Classic Clipper works great as a tool for taming the excessive volume peaks before sending the track to a limiter. Or, it can be used as a gentle saturation effect that sounds similar to analog tape. Play around with the different settings to keep the plugin transparent or introduce some harmonic saturation for a more lively sound.

The plugin normally costs €49.99 in the IK Multimedia online store, but you can get it completely free of charge until September 22nd. Existing subscribers will receive T-RackS Classic Clipper automatically. Everyone else should sign up for IK Multimedia’s newsletter first (this step is also free).

IK Multimedia subscribers will get this popup message in the My Products section.

Soft Clipper Vst Plugin

Clipper vst plugin

So, if you’re already receiving marketing emails from IK Multimedia, the free T-RackS Classic Clipper license is already waiting for you on the My Products page. If not, you should subscribe first and then visit the My Products page after logging in.

Soft clipper vst plugin

To make things easier, here are the detailed instructions for obtaining your free copy of the T-RackS Classic Clipper plugin:

  1. Subscribe to the IK Multimedia newsletter (click here or skip this step if you’re already signed up);
  2. Log in and go to your My Products area to redeem the T-RackS Classic Clipper freebie;
  3. Download and open the IK Product Manager application;
  4. Log into your account and select the Manage My Products option;
  5. Download and authorize T-RackS 5 from the software section;
  6. Open up your DAW or the T-RackS 5 CS standalone application and load T-RackS Classic Clipper.

The offer ends on September 22nd. Everyone who claims their free copy of the plugin before then will get to keep it forever (the license will be stored permanently in your IK Multimedia user account).

Clipper Vst Plugin

T-RackS Classic Clipper is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Only 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.

More info:T-RackS Classic Clipper(FREE @ IK Multimedia until September 22nd, 2020)

Soft Clipper Vst Plugin

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