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Proteus VX borrows its internal architecture from its big brother, Emulator X3. Although Proteus VX does not have the extensive editing capabilities of Emulator X3, it does offer 16 continuous controllers for each preset. The 16 controllers allow you to create subtle to radical transformations to the sounds, then save them with the bank.

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The included v2.01 Proteus X Composer bank comes with over 1000 presets covering an immense range of sounds from the Proteus 2000 MIDI sound module. In addition, Proteus VX can load any sounds from the Emulator X library, as long as they can be loaded into system RAM (Sample-streaming not supported on Proteus VX).

When I found out there was a VST with THE SAME presets as my P2500, I was very happy, and when I found out it was FREE, I had to kick myself!!! The VST version actually adds some editing capabilities not available on the hardware unit and the voice stealing is much more efficient than on the hardware box, where I experienced a lot of clipping. Download this and 100s more free plugins for your digital studio today! Proteus VX borrows its internal architecture from its big brother, Emulator X3. Free VST Plugins - Feed your DAW for free! Working with virtual studio technology (VST) plugins is tremendously convenient, but a lot of the best VST plugins out there are very expensive. If you're looking to expand your library of VST instrument (VSTi) plugins, or tweak your mixes with some great effects or MIDI effects VST plugins, you can do it for free.

The classic Roland JX-8P is emulated by this free synth VST wherein all the parameters are MIDI mappable with MIDI learning. All together, if you seek 80s style analogue pads, bass patches and a marvellous chorus module, the PG-8X is one of the best synth VST plugins on the market. 21) Full Bucket Music FB-3300. VST 4 FREE - Free Audio Plug-ins and Archives. Free VST downloads: BJAM (Strat electric guitar by Malaclypse the Younger) - FabBass (Hofner violin bass by Samsara.

Emu Emulator 2 Vst Free

Proteus VX is not copy protected or card locked like other versions of our instrument and sampling software, and can be used either as a VSTi or in stand-alone mode.

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Emu Proteus Vx Vst Free Download

  • 24-bit/192kHz audio playback.
  • Can be used as VSTi or stand-alone (16 channel multi-timbral).
  • Built-in 32-bit floating-point effects with 23 effects algorithms.
  • High Voice Polyphony (system dependent).
  • Drag and drop preset selection.
  • Real-time controllers for all important control points.
  • 54 different filter types including multi-pole resonant filters, phasers, flangers, vocal filters and multi-parameter morphing filters.