Fl Studio 11 Vst Plugins Installieren

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• Puremagnetik Canvas 1.0.2 (WIN), 1.0.1 (MAC) – Artist of Puremagnetik Boris Salkhov has combined his recordings and prepared piano sounds into a “texture microsampler” with his album Stars. You can now load the sound bank of his recordings into a microsampler / romper unit

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In FL Studio, Native Instruments software can be inserted via the VST plug-in interface. This article explains how to let FL Studio 11 (or earlier) scan the folder where your NI VST plug-ins are installed. You will then be able to use your NI plug-ins within FL Studio. Plug-ins Aren’t Showing Up. There could be a number of reasons why your plug-ins aren’t showing up in FL Studio. It could be due to bad installation, the plug-in not being installed to the correct scan path, or it could simply be that it isn’t enabled within FL Studio. Plug-in download and installation. Drum Machine is a freeware drum rompler in VST/AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac OS X, featuring the drum sounds from our free 99 Drum Samples sample library. The plugin was developed by our friends at SampleScience. This initial version comes with twelve free drum kits and will be expanded with more built-in drum samples and kits in future.

• Puremagnetik Kristall 1.0.1 – a unique delay unit that creates a “prism” of echo patterns. It sends audio through the delay feedback line and resamples the output to 2 discrete lines. Then you can control each line independently and adjust their stereo location for each channel.

• Puremagnetik Parallax 1.0.1 is a unique effect that is part vocoder and part echo / reverb matrix. It can create subtle, modulating filter effects that expand and transform in beautiful algorithmic spaces. It is based on a set of 10-band filters

• Puremagnetik Speektra 1.0.1 is a speech simulation synthesizer based on the VOSIM method developed by Kaegi and Tempelaars in the 1970s. It uses formant burst pulses to synthesize robotic vowel sounds.


• Puremagnetik Weave 1.0.1 – Experimental duo Larum, known for their signature drones and dreamy ambient soundscapes, invites you into their world with an additional plugin.
Along with the album, they also released Weave, a buffer manipulator, space and sound machine inspired by drones and tape music. Now Larum has made this tool available to your studio too!

• King OZ DSPplug boardstation v2.2
• King OZ VSTplug compressor v1.6
• King OZ VSTplug compressor2 v1.1
• King OZ DSPplug freq3 v1.59
• King OZ DSPplug omega gate v1.2
• King OZ VSTplug phase cancel v1.2
• King OZ DSPplug silverhawk v1.5

King OZ DSPplug boardstation is a great EQ for mastering without bulky controls. Just 40 bands that you can automate, which works quickly and will guide you in the easiest and most convenient way.

King OZ VSTplug compressor – A compressor designed to be your lightest in a processor. The algorithm was developed by Cytosonic, a highly reliable and innovative sound engineer and specialist.

King OZ VSTplug compressor2 – The compressor uses a little more CPU than compressor 1 VSTplug, but it allows for easy shaping and flexible control unlike anything you have tried.

King OZ DSPplug freq3 is the answer to the desire for a fast, reliable and well thought out equalizer that can work in the same way or in conjunction with a parametric EQ2. The EQ2’s parametric equalizer has become a staple in the industry, delivering speed and reliability. This EQ is meant to match that versatility: but I’ve tried to suit the sound design for those thrill seekers who hoped for Hollywood fluidity rather than firmness.

King OZ DSPplug omega gate – Many hours of research has led to a new innovation that, despite the plug-in’s noise suppressor, is not designed for this task – instead, it is intended for artists, singers or anyone who records vocals in noisy environments. Works pretty well with the CPU and you will be impressed with the character and speed.
Although the plugin has a noise canceler, you can instead rely on a real-time noise reduction algorithm to work more efficiently and quietly. The problem is that even the quietest environment isn’t quiet enough. While there are other products that eliminate noise, this product is for DJs, radio announcers, and people looking to record their vocals.

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King OZ DSPplug silverhawk is one of the fastest and most reliable equalizers on the market. It is designed to be beautiful and to mimic some of the most popular hardware ever developed. Often people overlook mono without realizing that most samples use a mono to stereo conversion technique that downright spoils the sound and causes the phase to go out of control. Silverhawk automatically eliminates this phenomenon, allowing a similar effect to be used responsibly.