Free Druim Machine Step Sequence Vst

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Software Drum Machine and Audio Sequencer in Java. Create songs, use Drum Kits and give creative automatic compositions features, step sequencer, drumkit manager, midi import/export, wav import/export, soft synth, piano roll. Sonic Charge Microtonic is a VST / AU plug-in for Windows and Mac featuring a unique drum and percussion synthesizer combined with a pattern based drum-machine engine. You can use Microtonic as a sound module to play drum sounds from your MIDI keyboard or sequencer, or you can use the built-in pattern engine to play drum patterns in sync with. Drum Machine VST: An Oldschool Step-Sequencer like FL Studio? I looking for a step sequencer for drums where you can drag and drop WAV files in and then click the relevant 'steps' or 'grids' where you want them to show. RitMix is a powerful drum machine containing a 16-step sequencer, MPC-style pad performance section, extensive editing capabilities, and a solid built-in mixer. It consolidates the most essential functionality needed to make complex rhythms on-the-fly and plenty of insert FX, humanizers, and randomization algorithms.

Audio Vitamins give up the development of their creative random powered MIDI step sequencer plugin Stochas and clear the way for the open-source community.

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Developing a plugin well and promoting well are two things. A developer can design a fantastic plugin, but at the same time sell it poorly (marketing, etc.) The example of the young plugin company Audio Vitamins shows that this balancing act between developer and seller is not so easy. Due to the lack of time to devote to marketing its Stochas step sequencer plugin, the developers have recently decided to release the source code of its previously available commercial product. The source code runs now under the GPL license and is open source.

Stochas is a MIDI step sequencer plugin that features a big randomization features palette that makes sequences more lively and exciting. Almost everything can be randomized and not only the whole piece but also only in a certain area of the sequence. For example, you can random specific notes in a sequence, random the note start times, velocity, length, and more. Stochas allows you to create up to four layers /up to eight patterns with different time signatures, playback speed, and number of steps per layer. So a super deep sequencing tool with which you can work creatively for a long time and for free.

MT Power Drum Kit is a free drum sampler by Manda Audio that offers powerful, high-quality sounds of a real acoustic drum kit, one of the good thing about this free sampler is that samples have been specially recorded and carefully processed to make them suitable across genre of music such as pop, rock, metal music and more.

The original idea sprang from a JSFX plugin (Reaper plugin) created by Andrew called Stochasticizer which allowed semi-random sequencing of melodic and drum lines. Andrew was contacted by Dave who suggested creating a plugin that would work on any DAW. The two worked together to design the product which was released a few months later.

Free Druim Machine Step Sequence Vst

Free Druim Machine Step Sequence Vst Plugins

Due to lack of time to devote to marketing a commercial product, in 2020, it was decided to release the software as open-source in the hope that it would be useful to music producers around the world.


  • Cross platform MIDI sequencer surfaced as a VST/AU/etc. plugin
  • Allows random selection of designated notes in a sequence (random or semi-random melodic lines)
  • Allows random triggering of notes (more dynamic and varied drum patterns)
  • Adjust randomness of note start times for more humanized playback
  • Adjust randomness of note velocity and length
  • Fully MIDI-programmable interface for live performance. Mute/unmute layers, change patterns, time signature, etc. on the fly via MIDI.
  • Chain mode allows procedural programming (eg “if this note plays/doesn’t play then always/never play this other note”)
  • Adjust note start time to move sequence “off the grid”, as well as note length.
  • Record incoming midi to grid
  • Use Chord mode to quickly add chords to the sequence
  • Select from preset scales, or customize notes in grid along with note names. Save/load note names from file
  • Add swing or groove. Import groove from MIDI files
  • Create up to four layers with differing time signature, playback speed and/or number of steps per layer
  • Create up to eight patterns
Free vst drum machine step sequencer

Audio Vitamins Stochas is now open source and available as a free download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU). The source is available in a GitHub repository.

Free Druim Machine Step Sequence Vst Plugin

More information: Stochas