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  1. Free Fuzz Vst Plugin
  2. Free Fuzz Vst

Dirty Fuzz – free distortion fuzz VST effect DamyFX has released Dirty Fuzz, a simple but powerful distortion- fuzz pedal VST plugin for Windows OS. The Classic FUZZ Sound with the addition of more dirt!!!!! I tested it in FL Studio and it works perfect. Best Free VST; Best Free VST Synths; Best Free VST Pianos. “Featuring the same much-loved vintage fuzz pedal model, plus a new filter, self-feedback, and a.

  1. Best Free Drum VST My mother always told me “march to the beat of your own drum”, but I guess she was wrong, because I found a bunch of really good free drum vsts. Amongst them, is the T.REX 606, a classic sound that could have easily cost hundreds of dollars, but for some reason is free.
  2. Face Bender is a free fuzz and overdrive VST plugin developed by Distorque. Compatible OS(s): Windows. Face Bender is a VST emulation of a Fuzz Face and a Tonebender MKII. It has added controls for tweaking or for crafting your own fuzz tone. The Fuzz Face was first made by Arbiter Electronics in 1966.

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Free Fuzz Vst Plugin

Free Fuzz Vst

Free Fuzz Vst

Type Name Controls
StompboxMT-A Level, Dist, High, Low, Middle, MidFreq, Input Gain, Mono/Stereo, Quality switch, On/Off knob
BOSS® Metal Zone MT-2™ modeling
StompboxWS-1 Depth, Speed, Mix, Mono/Stereo, On/Off knob
Stereo Chorus
StompboxGreed Smasher Level, Tone, Gain, Input Gain, Mono/Stereo, Quality switch, On/Off knob
Mesa/Boogie® Grid Slammer modeling
StompboxTSC Drive, Tone, Level, Input Gain, Mod switch, Mono/Stereo, Quality switch, On/Off knob
Ibanez® TS-808 modeling
Preamp JCM800 Triode model, In/Out level, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Oversampling
Marshall® JCM800 preamp section modeling
Preamp JCM800 Hot Triode model, In/Out level, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Oversampling
Modded JCM800 preamp. More gain than original JCM800
Preamp Harlequin Triode model, In/Out level, Low/High channel, Gain, Bass, Treble, Voice switch, Oversampling DA2EC4D773D1
Based on The Harlequin MK1 (Cornford Amps)
Preamp Tomato Triode model, Plate voltage, In/Out level, Drive, Oversampling
Dual Triode preamp with simple schematics. Best choice as target for newbies for build first tube preamp.
Cabinet Mercuriall Cab 3.0 Input Tuning, In/Out level, Mic, Pos, Power, More Dynamics, Quality, Stereo, Maximize, Dynamics Only
Hiwatt 4x12 cabinet modeling
Cabinet Mercuriall Cab 2.1 In/Out level, Position, Power, Maximize, Quality, Stereo
Marshall AVT50 1x12 Cabinet modeling