Free Phaser Vst

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This time on bpb Freeware Studio, we’ll be covering the best freeware phaser VST/AU plugins available for Windows and Mac users.

Phazor is a free effect plugin, which emulates the phaser effect found in the Virus synthesizers, which helped make its characteristic sound. A lot of time was devoted to make it sound very close to the original and every control has been carefully adjusted to behave just like the phaser from the Virus. Amazing Phaser Plugin Supaphaser by Bram de Jong from Smartelectronix is a phaser VST effect featuring 3 to 23 stages with feedback, 1 Envelope, and 1 LFO. You can set the sweeping range of both the LFO and the Envelope, and adjust the amount of each affecting the audio signal.

Follow the links for screenshots & download info:

  • Bass Phaser by Clone Ensemble (Windows)
  • Classic Phaser by Kjaerhus (Windows)
  • LionPhaser by Sonic Lion (Windows)
  • NXTPhase by fxPointAudio (Windows)
  • Oberheim PS-1 by SimulAnalog (Windows)
  • Phase90 by Antti (Windows)
  • Phazor by Adam Szabo (Windows)
  • Sanford Phaser by Leslie Sanford (Windows)
  • SupaPhaser by Bram (Mac, Windows)
  • TAL-Phaser by Togu Audio Line (Mac, Windows)
  • UltraPhazer by Virtual Creations (Mac, Windows)
  • XPHASER by WOK (Windows)

Free Phaser Vst Plugin

  • Free Product Full Phase VST is a very unique effect. It uses an inversion of a stereo channel phased against the opposite corresponding channel to isolate common stereo field characteristics, and then uses a small phase shift network to allow phase “tuning” of your audio via the character slider.
  • Synthescience phasers includes 2 vst effects: Phaser Box and Phaser 2/8. Phaser Box is built around a series of Low and High pass filters in cascade to imprint that notched phasey sound. Phaser 2/8 is built around the classic All Pass filter design with selectable phaser stages between 2 to 8.

Phase90 is my favorite freeware phaser VST plugin. It’s an emulation of the MXR Phase 90 guitar pedal, fairly easy to use and sounds perfect.

SupaPhaser and UltraPhazer are also great sounding phaser VSTs, for more advanced users who require more tweakability.

You can’t go wrong with Classic Phaser either, it’s part of the Kjaerhus Classic series which means solid sound and low CPU demands.


Oberheim PS-1 is another emulation of a guitar pedal, featured in the SimulAnalog freeware guitar suite.

XPHASER is an interesting dual phaser design, with a lovely vintage sound.

Free Phaser Vst

As always, feel free to suggest your own favorite freeware phaser VST plugin in the comments section below, or discuss the ones already listed. Many thanks to BPB reader bmovie for suggesting Sanford Phaser!