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You’re probably here, because you finally made the very good decision to get yourself a license of Xfer’s flagship synth Serum. You played around with the stock presets for a while (which honestly aren’t that good) and now you’re looking for something better, right?

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Loopmasters have released Free Serum Presets, a collection of 25 freely downloadable patches for the Xfer Serum virtual hybrid synthesizer. The soundbank contains a selection of completely royalty-free presets designed for use with one of the most popular virtual synthesizers on the market. If you already own Xfer Serum, you can now expand it withRead More. The Ultimate List Of FREE Presets (Sylenth, Spire, Serum, Massive, NEXUS & more) By W. Production 17, Apr 2019 Not only are there multiple plugins presets, but there are also multiple genres. TriSamples 18th April 2019 Xfer Serum Presets, Wave Files, Sample Packs, Free Downloads, Midi Files, VST Presets 2 Comments Free trap and hip-hop melody loops made with serum presets included in the pack along with midi files. R/SerumPresets: Community dedicated to sharing free Serum presets, wavetables, packs, tips, and tutorials.

In this list you’ll find thousands of free Serum presets for a variety of different genres, so no matter if you’re producing Trap, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Future Bass or House: I’m confident that you’ll find something useful 😉

Btw, if this is the first time you’re downloading Serum presets and you just can’t find the right folder on your drive I’d suggest to check out this post here.

Free Hip Hop Serum Presets

Wall-shaking 808s, dark reese basses or keys. The following presets are perfect for everything related to Hip Hop or Trap, but can certainly be used for other styles as well.

Free LoFi and Retro Serum Presets

Somehow old and retro sounding music is more popular than ever before. There’s something about distortion, pitch modulations and vinyl crackles that makes us feel melancholic or nostalgic. If this is the Vibe you’re going for you’ll love the following stuff.

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Free Future Bass Serum Presets

If you’re looking for some viby supersaw chord stacks you can use for your next Future Bass drops, these are the presets you should take a look at. Just click on the blue links and follow the remaining instructions.

Free House & EDM Serum Presets

Yes, there are countless types of House or EDM in general, but I still decided to combine all of those under one headline (shame on me) 😉

Free Techno Serum Presets

Somehow there aren’t that many presets for Techno producers available. The ones I found, however, are from the highest quality (especially the ones by Diode Eins).

Free Dubstep Serum Presets

Free Serum Synth Presets

Dubstep and Hybrid Trap are definitely among the hardest genres to produce. Luckily there are some talented sound designers, sharing growls and screeches with us.

The Best Premium Packs

Although this post is mainly about free stuff I want to introduce you to some of my favorite paid packs. Most of the freebies only come with a few patches, so if you really want to get your hands on some complete packs that cover a lot of different sounds you should think about spending a few bucks.

  • 120 Trap Presets for Xfer Serum + Bonus Content
  • My Synth / Retro Wave Samples (download comes with 80 Serum presets)

Free Serum Vst Presets

And if you really want to invest in a huge library of high-quality Serum presets, you should consider to take a look at the Cheops Serum Bundle. It comes with a total of 428 presets and 188 wavetables, suitable for a wide range of genres, including Trap, Hip Hop, Future Bass, Pop or Synthwave.

Additional Resources

Free Serum Vst Presets Plugin

I know that if you’re new to Serum all the features and functions can be quite overwhelming.. but if you’re willing to invest some time you’ll quickly learn that it actually isn’t that complicated and knowing how to adjust presets can drastically improve your mixes.

That said, here are some addition Serum resources:


And if you really want to learn everything about Serum you should make sure to study this post here about Serum tips you don’t know about yet.

Free presets for your VST plugins

Free presets for your favorite VST plugins

free presets

Here you find our free demos of the larger presets/patches packs. All packages on this page contains free preset but a limited amount of presets from the full packages. The presets in the free packages are the exact ones from the full preset packages. Check out the free presets before you buy packages.

Massive, Prophet and Serum presets

We are always working on new free demos for an extensive range of synthesizers from Native Instruments, Xfer Records, Arturia, and Spectrasonics.

Get free presets for your favorite vst plugins

  • Xfer Serum presets
    • A Serum Psytrance demo made by Mark Gray
  • Native Instruments Massive Basses demo
    • Basses for electronic music from old and analog to Picked P basses and digital beasts.
  • Arturia Prophet Unison Basses demo
    • Build on the rather unique unison mode that this synth is famous for. Fatness that is hard to get anywhere else.

The packages contain a Windows Installer and a zip file with identical presets/patches.

  • Windows users
    • Download the Windows Installer or the Zip file. the Windows Installer will install presets in the default user presets position for the synthesizer they are made for.
  • Mac users
    • Download the zip file and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file.