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HoRNet CompExp is a compressor-expander vst plugin designed by Saverio Vigni, the design is base on a commander chip designed for telephone lines and used to reduce noise on an electronic device. Achieving a well balanced and a commercial ready track/sound with a compressor tool is far more said than done, achieve a faster result with CompExp.

Reason Studios is offering the H-Comp Hybrid Compressor ($179 value) plugin by Waves as a completely free download from their website until August 30th, 2020. THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED.

This is the third Waves freebie this month, following the MaxxVolume Volume Leveler and Waves Berzerk Distortion plugins. Considering that the company is also running a massive 40% OFF sale (use coupon code MAGIC40 to get the discount), now is as good a time as any to test Waves software and see if it fits your workflow.

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H-Comp Hybrid Compressor is a compressor plugin inspired by analog hardware. It models the behavior of analog compressors powered by transformers, tubes, and transistors, using the technology that Waves used to develop their SSL 4000 Collection, V-Series, and API Collection plugins. The result is a versatile, analog-style dynamic processor that is fit for almost any mixing task.

The plugin offers four processing modes, all of which are based on different types of analog hardware. The release behavior is modeled after analog gear, too, and it includes a handy BPM-sync feature. H-Comp Hybrid Compressor also comes with an external sidechain input, an output limiter/clipper, transient pass-through control for added punch.

So, how do you get the H-Comp Hybrid Compressor for free?

Waves H-Comp is offered as an exclusive freebie at the Reason Studios website. First, sign up for a free Reason Studios user account. Then, add the H-Comp to your shopping cart and apply the coupon code FREECOMP to get the plugin free of charge. After entering the code, the price will automatically drop to zero.

Once the checkout is complete, you will receive the license code that should be redeemed at the Waves website. Log in to your Waves user account (you may need to register first), visit the “Register New Products” page, and paste your license key. And voilà, the H-Comp Hybrid Compressor is now added to your Waves account, and you can install it at any time.

Do you need another compressor plugin in your arsenal? As always, that’s on you to decide. H-Comp is somewhat of an oldie, but it’s also one of the more popular Waves plugins. The interface is very intuitive, making the H-Comp the perfect fit for beginners. And if you want to check out even more effects of this type, read our list of free compressor VST plugins.

H-Comp Hybrid Compressor is available as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. The free download offer ends on August 30th, 2020.

UPDATE: This offer has expired.

More info:H-Comp Hybrid Compressor(FREE @ Reason Studios until August 30th)

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If you want a better mix, knowing how to use compressors is key. Not every compressor does the same thing. Compressors have personalities!

In fact, you should have several compressors and get to know what each one brings to your mix.

Compressors give you more loudness without clipping. They smooth out peaks and give more punch.

So here are 7 free VST compressors plugins for you:

  1. Rough Rider
  2. OTT
  3. DCAM Free Comp
  4. TAN
  5. SAFE Compressor
  6. FR COMP 87
  7. MCompressor

Grab them for either Mac or PC and install them on any DAW.

Add them to your toolkit today and compress your way to success:

1. Rough Rider

Free Visual Compressor Vst Download

By Audio Damage

Audio Damage’s Rough Rider is a modern compressor with a vintage flavour.

Rough Rider is the best for adding pump to rhythmic tracks. It’s not designed for transparency but gives great high impact bite. Drive it to get some extra crunch and warmth.

Adjust the Ratio, Attack, Release times, and Sensitivity and Makeup gain knobs to find your perfect ride.

Download Rough Rider for free here.

2. OTT

By Xfer Records

OTT is a multiband upwards/downwards compressor made by Xfer Records.

It’s an aggressive-style of compression very popular in dubstep and electro productions.

Tweak the knobs to adjust the Depth, Time, In Gain and Out Gain. Play with Highs, Mids and Lows. Adjust the percentages of upwards and downwards compression to your taste.

Download OTT for free here.

Free Visual Compressor Vst Downloads

3. DCAM Free Comp

By FXpansion

FXpansion’s DCAM Free Comp is modelled after classic console bus compressors.

What does it do best? It glues together subgroups in your mix. Gluing gives you more punch and definition while also taming your peaks. Nice!

Change the settings for a more extreme creative effect.

Download DCAM Free Comp here.

4. TAN

By Acustica Audio

Acustica’s TAN compressor was modelled from classic analog VCA compressors.

It’s a versatile compressor that gives you a wide range of adjustments.

The TAN compressor has a unique ShMod knob. It allows you to fine-tune the shape of the attack. For all of you precision freaks out there!

Download TAN for free here.

5. SAFE Compressor

By Semantica Audio

The SAFE compressor is part of a unique project. Semantica Audio has one mission: “control your audio effect plug-ins using terms that normal human beings can understand!”

Just type a term into SAFE’s text box (warm, bright, etc.) and the plugin will look for a setting to match it. Add your own words for a particular setting you like.

A dream right?

Download the SAFE Compressor for free here.

6. FR COMP 87

By eaReckon

Instead of giving you a limited demo version of their ANALOG87 series, eaReckon made a fully functional free FR COMP 87.

What this plugin does best? Simplicity. The FR COMP 87 has two knobs: threshold and makeup. Choose from three speeds—fast, medium and slow. Or turn on the limiter switch if you need it. Sometimes simple is just better.

Download FR COMP 87 for free here.

7. MCompressor

By MeldaProduction

Free Visual Compressor Vst Plugins

MCompressor is a feature-packed, smart compressor.

Fully customize the shape of your graph. Use the smart randomization feature to instantly generate new settings. Use side-chaining to better mix your kick and bass. Even map your MCompressor onto a MIDI controller!


The MCompressor can handle mono, stereo and even 8 channel surround processing—great if you’re mixing for video, film or movies!

Download MCompressor for free here.

Be a Comp Champ

Stock up on these compressors and build a killer virtual effects rack.

Testing lots of compressors and finding the perfect ones for each mixing situation is key.

So download this list, try them out and keep your favorites close.

Make the art of compression part of every DAW session.

Free Visual Compressor Vst Plugin

Get all of the LANDR-approved free VST plugin collection: