Free Vst Leslie Simulator

by admin
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Tube Saturator Vintage by Wave Arts is a saturation free VST plugin that reproduces circuit simulation technology to authentic reproduce the sound of a dual triode preamp. Tube saturator vintage emulates cathode 12AX7 preamp, has Baxandall 3-band EQ, drive knob, and fat function to add extra punch to the audio, and works in mono and stereo mode. Amplifikation Lite, Free Amp Simulator plugin, Download Amplifikation Lite plugin, Free Kuassa vst plugins.

Hello everybody!
Here we are with my second video! Trying this time the VST amp Lecto by LePou.
Signal chain: Ibanez prestige rg1570 with Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups through an Omega Lexicon recording studio processed in Cubase 5. Using TSE 808 v2.0 Overdrive, Poulin Lecto v1 amp, keFIR impulses, Superior drummer for drums and a simple pick bass taken from Cubase 5 HALion One. Guitar tuning is drop C.
You can download free these VSTs by simply clicking on the links below.
TSE808 v2.0 :
Poulin Lecto :
keFIR Impulses:
Tip! Once you've downloaded these stuff, simply extract them somewhere and copy the .dll files to your VST plugin folder in your hard disc so you can load them through your recording program!
Feel free to ask anything you wish! I hope you enjoy and find this tutorial helpful.
Thanks for watching!
Видео Poulin Lecto v1 VST amp simulator - Metal канала ToneForgeLab

Free Vst Leslie Simulator Downloads


Free Vst Leslie Simulator Free

Vinyl : free VST lo-fi vinyl simulator

Isotope is well known for its mastering suite 'Ozone'.
Don't jump to the ceiling, they didn't decide to offer it, but they make a quite nice gift : Vinyl !
Vinyl is a lo-fi vinyl simulator that emulates the rumble and noise of a vinyl player, to add this crispy analog touch to your music.
You can even set the amount of dust and age of the player (till 30's !)
Afterwards if you sound too numeric, you have no excuse ;)
Windows / MacOS
Isotope est connu (à juste titre) pour son excellente suite de mastering 'Ozone'.
Ne sautez pas au plafond, ils n'ont pas décidé de l'offrir, mais ils font un cadeau qui vaut quand même le détour : Vinyl !
Vinyl est un 'lofi-zer' qui émule le son du vinyle et de son tourne disque avec toutes ses composantes (craquements, rumble du moteur,...) pour ajouter une touche de vie à votre musique.
Vous pouvez même régler la quantité de poussière sur le disque et choisir l'age du tourne disque (jusqu'aux années 30 !).
Si après ça vous sonnez trop numérique, vous n'avez plus d'excuses ;)
Windows / MacOS