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Free Vst Synth 2017Synth1

Fully modular signal flow.The ability to draw your own waveforms.7 types of oscillators.Bezier curve and wave draw oscillators.16 x 2 Wave Table Morphing.AM/FM synthesis.Frequency ranged noise generation with built in filter.Harmonic and random distortion.Detune section with nonlinear modulation and built in chorus.32 types of filters.8 effects including mixer, two chorus, three reverb, phaser.

is a software VST synthesizer designed by Ichiro Toda (Daichi Laboratory). It was originally projected as an emulation of the Nord Lead 2 synthesizer, since then has become a unique Virtual Studio Technology instrument and one of the best sounding and most downloaded VSTi plugins of all time.
The strengths of this 32/64 bits plugin instrument includes a low CPU usage allowing various instances of the VST to run simultaneously, also a multitude of user generated presets/patches soundbanks are available to download and install, see some links below.2017
Ichiro Toda's Synth1 started as a digital synthesizer based on the Clavia Nord Lead 2, and since the Nord Lead 2 is also a digital synthesizer, is able to emulate its sounds characteristics more closely than digital synthesizers that aim to emulate analogue synthesis.

Synth 1 Specifications

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  • Three oscillators, one with a FM modulation, one with ring modulation and synchronization, and one sub-oscillator. Osc 1 can operate as detuned supersaw.
  • One filter section, with distortion. Four filter types: two high-pass, one low-pass, and a band-pass filter.
  • Two assignable LFOs, which can be synchronized to a host tempo.
  • An arpeggiator which can be synchronized to a host tempo.
  • Several built-in effects, including a tempo delay, distortion, phaser, and chorus/flanger.
  • Polyphony, monophony, and legato voices.
  • Unison and portamento modes
  • 32 notes polyphony
  • Automation
  • Low CPU usage

Download Synth 1 Windows / Mac

Presets / Patches Soundbanks

Thousands of free presets soundbanks made by Synth 1 VST instrument can be downloaded from the web, some of them are:
Synth 1 Presets at KVR Audio
Selected 173 Synth 1 Presets Banks by Christian Frankplads
Synth 1 Presets at
The page at Christian Frankplads blog also includes a tutorial with instructions on how to install these presets.

Here’s a cool new synth that specialises in especially meaty sounds.

SuperSonico is a virtual analog synthesizer. It has a single oscillator with a generator of harmonics that can be detuned from each other. These can be adjusted to different scale/chords intervals to make fat sounds and one-finger chords. The Sub-Oscillator includes an option that generates a single low octave that is repeated along the keyboard.

Free Vst Synth 2017 Download

When doing a click on some controls or zones, it will appear a contextual help.

This synth is suitable for classic analog sounds such as moogy sounds, strings, bass, brass, leads, organs, atmospheres, pads, drums, emulations, toon sounds, etc.The result? Extra phat synth sounds.

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