How To Use Vst Plugins In Obs Studio

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Installing a plugin in OBS is very easy, you just have to make sure you are installing a plugin for the correct version of OBS. If you downloaded the OBS installer and used the default location the file paths will look like this on a 64bit Windows: C: Program Files(x86) OBS plugins 32bit plugins go. At the request of some of my Twitch viewers I made a fairly in-depth tutorial on how to improve your microphone audio using VST plugins in OBS. VST Plugin You can add them by right-click your desired Scene, Source or Device and selecting “Filters” (for Audio Devices, click on the gear icon next to your device). But let me explain what the different filters allow you to do. Scene and Source Filters.

Installing a plugin in OBS is very easy, you just have to make sure you are installing a plugin for the correct version of OBS. If you downloaded the OBS installer and used the default location the file paths will look like this on a 64bit Windows:

  • C:Program Files(x86)OBSplugins
    • 32bit plugins go here
  • C:Program FilesOBSplugins (old OBS versions used: C:Program Files(x86)OBS64bitplugins)
    • 64bit plugins go here

Like this on a 32bit Windows:

And if you downloaded the Binaries as a Zip file for example, you will have a file path like this:

  • OBS32bitplugins
    • 32bit plugins go here
  • OBS64bitplugins
    • 64bit plugins go here

If you are not sure which version is being started by the Shortcut you currently use, just right-click the Shortcut and click on “Open file location”. Alternatively you can also check the OBS log-file. To find the latest log, inside OBS click on Settings -> Open Log Folder. And check the version notice in one of the logfiles.
Now after you downloaded your desired plugin you wish to install, its probably the easiest way to extract it into a temporary folder. Especially if you installed OBS into the program files folder you wont need to run WinRar or a similar program with administrative rights. In this temporary folder you will have one dll file and depending on the plugin maybe a subfolder with more stuff. All of these files just have to be moved into the earlier mentioned plugins folder of the correct OBS version you are using. Keep subfolders etc. intact and make sure they land directly in the plugins folder.
Make sure your OBS was closed, or restart it after installing plugins, and then you can click on the Plugins button in OBS to check that your newly installed ones are showing up:

Some plugins also offer configuration options while others allow you to add other stuff to your sources, so this the next step from here depends on your plugin. Have fun!

In the future OBS will probably provide its own plugin installer which will ease the whole process of installing a plugin. But for the moment a few mouse-clicks have to be done! As always please comment if you found a mistake or have an addition.

There are many ways in which you can improve your streaming experience for your audience and for yourself on Twitch. You can have a streaming schedule you follow thoroughly, or you can have nice giveaways for your viewers.

Either way, those are the BIG things that everybody knows and talks about. What is something that is not talked so much about, but that can draw a clear distinction between you and the competition? Well, you are in luck because we have the answer right here, and that answer is OBS plugins.

SLOBS vs OBS Studio

Before we even start discussing OBS plugins it is important to note that not all of these plugins may work as intended in SLOBS. The plugins SHOULD work just fine as Streamlabs OBS plugins but we can only guarantee the 100% performance on OBS Studio.

This situation could also serve as an encouragement for all of you people that use SLOBS to move over to OBS Studio since it can offer greater expandability through the OBS Studio plugin repository. The rumors of OBS Studio being very hard to learn are somewhat exaggerated since after you have used SLOBS for a while, in our honest opinion moving to Studio is not impossible.

What are OBS Studio Plugins


So what exactly are OBS plugins? OBS plugins are extensions that you can download and use to enhance the default experience of OBS. This is specifically why OBS Studio is considered such a powerhouse when it comes to streaming.

If in other software you are limited to whatever the developers give you, in OBS Studio you have endless possibilities with community developed plugins.

The Best OBS Plugins You Need to Know About

Without further ado, let’s just dive into what are the plugins we would recommend to any aspiring streamer!

This is an extremely neat plugin that introduces NewTek NDI capability to OBS. What this plugin does, is it provides video input and output for OBS over the network, effectively creating a situation where you don’t need a capture card!

This OBS plugin is useful if you want to use the OBS preview as a webcam in other communications software. This means all of your cool effects and convenient settings from OBS can be used in other programs without having to fiddle with anything!

How To Use Vst Plugins In Obs Studio Windows 10

  1. VST Effects in OBS

A big separation between a novice streamer and a professional streamer is their audio quality. The VST suite of effects can really level up your audio game once applied as an OBS plugin. This can be an effective Streamlabs OBS plugin and also a great OBS Studio plugin.


StreamFX is an absolutely fun plugin for your stream that adds new sources, transitions, and your own personally customized shaders. This will allow you to greatly improve how your stream looks and feels beyond what the default OBS Studio can offer!

  1. OBS Soundcloud Plugin/OBS Spotify Plugin

How To Use Vst Plugins In Obs Studiog Ins In Obs Studio

Even though these are 2 different plugins we decided to group them since they have similar functions for your stream. What these OBS Studio plugins do is they show the current playlists and songs playing on your stream.

This is useful for streamers because in many cases the viewers want to know what songs their favorite streamer is playing, so instead of constantly being asked you can just include these plugins for each platform.

This OBS plugin is extremely useful for the people that do not own a stream deck. This allows them to use their old phone or tablet as a customizable stream deck over their local network. The setup is simple and you really have no drawbacks on this one!

How To Use Vst Plugins In Obs Studio Plugins


Overall there is no question that if you want to become a big streamer with a growing number of followers and subscribers you need to look beyond what a stock OBS experience can offer for your stream and invest in finding the best OBS plugins for you!