Install Vst Plugins Cubase 5

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After I upgraded to Cubase 9 and went “totally 64bit” I had a problem with my DAW not finding the 54 Waves plugins. I also had the same problem with Maschine and Waves.

A quick search on the forums showed that this is a common issue but there is lots of disagreement about how to actually fix it.

Install vst plugins cubase 5.3

The problem occurs because both 32bit and 64bit Waves plugins all sit in the same folder within Program Files (x86) – a location normally used for 32bit stuff!

Slate plugins are installed to ' C: Program Files Vstplugins ' by default. You will need to add this path to Cubase. Click the 'Studio' drop-down menu and select 'VST Plug-in Manager'. Under the 'VST Effects' tab, click the cog wheel on the bottom left and then click '+'. This article describes how to download and install resp. Register VST Sound and Loop Sets. VST Sound and Loop Sets are sound libraries specifically tailored for Cubase and Nuendo users. Technichally, they are a collection of thoughtfully tagged sound files consolidated in a single file.

Try as you may by pointing your DAW to the right location, both Cubase and Maschine were not having it!

Install Vst Plugins Cubase 5.0

I tried lots suggestions before finally discovering a post on the Steinberg Forums by user KurtOzzthat did the trick – actually instructions from Waves support:

Uninstall All Products via Waves Central:
In Waves Central go to Install->Uninstall Products (at the top).
Choose all the products click ‘Uninstall’.
Once uninstall is finished – quit Waves Central.

Uninstall Waves Central :

Uninstall Waves Central itself using Control Panel->Programs and Features

Remove Various files:
Click on Winkey+R and enter the text %appdata% – click Enter. Delete the Waves folder inside ‘Roaming’.
Click on Winkey+R and enter the text %programdata% – click Enter. Delete the ‘Waves Audio’ folder.
Conduct a file search on your system for the term :”WaveShell” and delete any “WaveShell” file that you find.


Install Vst Plugin Cubase 5

Download and install the latest Waves Central for Windows
Run Waves Central application and log-in.
Click on Install at the top tab, then select Install
Click Online (on left pane)
Select all your products (in the middle pane)
Click Install on (the bottom right)

Many thanks to Kurt – that really did the trick for me, hopefully it will help others too.



Install Vst Plugins Cubase 5.1

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