Pg 8x Vst Plugin

by admin

UPDATE: new native C++ version is being developed. News on the status can be found on my FaceBook page.

Beta versions can be downloaded from my Dropbox.


  • 6 voice polyphony
  • Two DCO's with Saw, Square, Pulse, Noise
  • Hard Sync and Ring Modulation
  • Two exponential envelop generators
  • 24 dB resonant LP filter
  • HP filter (3 stages)
  • Stereo Chorus

Technical information:

Pg 8x Vst Plugin
  • Framework (GUI) in Synthedit
  • Sound generation (DCOs and VCF) entirely in custom modules
    • C++/Assembler
    • SSE code
  • up to 4 x 16-fold oversampled oscillator
  • 4-fold oversampled filter
  • Custom voice allocation
  • 6 Key assignment modes:
    • Poly (re-assignment of voices)
    • Poly2 (round robin)
    • Unison (two voices in unison)
    • Unison2 (second voice shifted by 1 octave)
    • Mono
    • Mono2 (all voices in unison)
  • MIDI Learn: MIDI Controllers can be assigned by right-clicking on the slider
  • Automatic adjustment of samplerate
  • Manual and automatic settings for oversampling of the oscillators

'The PG-8X is a virtual analog synthesizer, with the standard 2-DCO - 24dB/oct Filter design Features: up to 12 voice polyphony Two DCO's with Saw. Pg-8x free vst plugins November 28, 2018 No Comments PG-8X size 2.72 MB / 2.75 MB / 10.6 MB / 3.75 MB PG-8X is inspired by the Roland JX-8P with the PG-800 programmer.

A manual will follow soon.


Pg 8x Vst Plugins

Thanks to Dave Haupt and Kelly Lynch for some of their modules and, of course, Jeff McClintock for the Synthedit.


(click on the image for a full size screenshot)

This VST is still under development, and some features might not be working at this time. Please, use it at your own risk, and feel free to provide any feedback, bug reports or suggestions, preferably through the comments below.

This version contains some factory presets to demonstrate the sound.

The VST can be downloaded below in the attachments section. In order to play it as a stand-alone synth, one can use SAVIHost.

There is a thread discussing this synth on the KVR forums.

Pg-8x Vst

If you find this synth useful and want to support the development, feel free to donate something...