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When you right click on the knob this time, instead of moving a physical knob or wheel, just go to the 'Internal Controllers' dropdown and select 'VST name's pitch bend' from the available selections. With this option, you have to create the pre-determined pitch bends in the playlist.

Users of modern music software will be completely conscious of the idea of pitch shifting. Performed as an offline process right in a good area, or through a real-time processing plug, you are ready to transpose the secret of signup or down in semitone steps, in more delicate penny branches, or a combination of both.

  • Pitchbend Inverter by octarone is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin and Soundware (e.g. Samples or presets that load into other products). It functions as a VST Plugin.
  • Son of a pitch, from Saltline, is an audio pitch bend effect. The pitch of the incoming signal can be controlled by the pitch knob or by a sync to host LFO. The pitch knob ranges from +3 octaves to -3 octaves of the original pitch. Available Format - Windows 32 bit. Download Saltline Son on a Pitch HERE. FOR FUN. BONUS.

When changing pitch with one of the above techniques, you have probably stumbled upon a different control tagged ‘formants.’ While closely linked to pitch-shifting, formant changing is a tiny other and is frequently misunderstood. Let Fidlarshow you the Best Pitch Shift Vst.

Bear in mind the sound of this sound cassette once the battery drains out from your Walkman?Or perhaps removing turntable thread throughout the play? That is more or less; the impact pitch changing is generating blatantly.

Pitch shifting is a sound method of increasing or dropping the initial pitch of the audio. Typically, every pitch change ends in time change, too, so pitch growth leads to sound playing quicker while reduction will cause slower play.

But, contemporary applications have developed algorithms that can preserve the initial sound length so that altered audio sounds as though it was initially recorded at a specific pitch.

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  • 2 Best Pitch Shift Plugins

When Can I Use A Pitch Shift Plugin?

Let us provide you with some ideas concerning the proper use of pitch-shifting:

Animated Film Tours

Chip and Dale, or the notorious The Chipmunks, are probably the best example of employing this Type of influence into the film market. This type of voice is created by using a pitching change around one or 2 octaves.

On the flip side, turning down the pitch can create a specific black vibe around your vocal, perfect for casting a villain.


If you wish to earn a distinctive vocal track, pitch changing may be used despite extreme values. Have a Scooter – Logical Song or Akon Lonely, for instance.

However, pitch changing may also result in informant shifting instead so that female singer might seem like Chuck Berry. It is about becoming intense!


A song you’ve written might be created for a male singer, but suddenly, it seems you have a female singer considering that particular tune, but the secret is relatively low because of her. Rather than writing everything from scratch, you can apply pitch change and record vocals first and then operate on the backing tracks afterward.

Best Pitch Shift Plugins

1. Antares Auto-Tune Pro

Antares Auto-Tune Pro is the complete edition of this hugely popular autotune plugin that has been utilized by producers for two decades.

This plugin permits you to fine-tune sounding vocals without sacrificing the individual components using the Flex-Tune and Humanize features. Additionally, it can produce striking, over the best autotune consequences by turning up the Retune Speed.

Auto-Tune Pro is not only a helpful addition to your studio setup, however. It can also be utilized in real-time utilizing the Low Latency Mode, which means that you may pitch-correct or control vocal tracks on point.

The Pro version’s added features include a brand new interface layout that makes it a lot easier to change between the editing displays, automated scale and key detection that save you the hassle of manually going into the key of you monitor, and MIDI parameter control that allows for each the plugins crucial parameters to be manipulated in real-time using a MIDI controller.

If you do not need the recently added features of Auto-Tune Pro, you will find a few cheaper versions of this plugin with fewer features but provide the essential purposes.

Auto-Tune Artist includes each pitch-correction capacity but is not MIDI compatible and contains less of its built-in consequences.

There’s also an Autotune EFX that’s more concentrated toward real-time, remarkable vocal manipulation and contains multi-effects racks that may be employed to process significantly sound.

Ultimately, Auto-Tune accessibility is just another more stripped back, cheap edition. Access is an excellent alternative for anyone who has less VST plugin expertise and provides customers with a simplistic layout and the full center features of autotune.

2. Melodyne 5 Essential

Melodyne is a highly functional vocal pitch correction plug that’s a favorite pick for producers. The 5 Vital model combines the core features that Melodyne is famous for, with a few intriguing new improvements that give you more control over the sound. In the process, Celemony has made a simple to use but highly influential autotune VST.

As soon as your audio tracks are packed into Melodyne, you can tweak the pitch and time settings utilizing an assortment of controls. The formant, pitch bend, and notice length controls may be manipulated to make your preferred sound.

The fantastic thing about Melodyne 5 Vital is that as soon as you get the hang of the controls, the design is quite simple to comprehend and to navigate your way around.

This plugin is incredibly helpful when adjusting a track’s pitch without needing the robotic sense that autotune can occasionally produce. If you would like to smoothen out the flaws without clarifying that pitch correction was utilized, Melodyne 5 Vital is a substitute for strongly consider.

3. IZotope VocalSynth two

With the VocalSynth two, iZotope has generated an autotune and outspoken processing VST plugin that provides an unbelievable amount of detail. The flexibility of the plugin makes it ideal for vocal-heavy styles of music production.

There are five outspoken engines included within the VocalSythn2. All these are Vocoder, Compuvox, Polyvox, Talkbox, and Biovox. Every device is displayed within the primary window of this VST so that you can tweak them along with each other in real-time. It’s possible to pile vocals, make a sea of harmonies, or difficult tune them to get a robotic impact.

This plugin isn’t merely helpful for autotune and processing but maybe a powerful songwriting tool too. There are many built-in scales that you can set the vocals to be tuned to, from the typical major and minor scales to the more exotic ones, a fantastic tool for thinking beyond the box.

4. Waves Vocal Plug-in Bundle

The Waves Vocal Plug-in Bundle is a comprehensive vocal processing package that features a range of the most okay plugins waves sound shifter has to offer you.

You can change melodies and autotune vocals utilizing the Tune plugin, eliminate unwanted breath sounds with DeBreath, or EQ and gate your lyrics employing the Renaissance channel.

The RenAxx plugin permits you to compress the sound, and eventually, RenDeEsser functions to eliminate the extremes from plosives and restricts unwanted hiss.

Though every one of these functions might appear somewhat confusing, as soon as you get the hang of a single plugin, the remainder is designed comparably.

This package is excellent for autotune functions alone but may be utilized as a comprehensive vocal processing package. You may save your favorite presets on each plugin for potential reuse.

If you’re interested in a pure sound, the elastic threshold that Waves apply on their plugins accomplishes this by allowing the compressor to accommodate the degree of input.

5. VoxBox

Soundspot’s VoxBox is a vocal processing plugin that is effective at autotune, among several other things. It was made to fix the problem of needing many stations for vocal thickening without sacrificing quality.

This VST permits you to make broad and thicker lead vocals, although not overburdening your CPU use.

The very first thing that strikes me about the VoxBox plugin is that the simplicity of its layout. Unlike other autotune plugins, it just has a couple of side consequences built-in, but it’s possible to do a great deal of processing together.

For producers or vocalists searching for a fast and effortless autotune plugin that doesn’t slow down your DAW, I would suggest considering VoxBox as it’s straightforward to use and powerful.

6. Antares Auto-Tune EFX+

Auto-Tune EFX+ is a vocal processing device included with six modules and autotuning features packaged into pre-made spots that cover extensive sound selection.

Pitch and Throat are coordinated, so the X parameter versions the throat span (format) while Y changes the pitch change.

Duet may be handy for micro pitch-shifting and produce a more compact vocal mixture while the Vocoder will transform your Voice to one.

The Auto-Motion feature creates pitch-shifting melodic patterns. Consider it as an arpeggiator for the vocals.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Auto-Tune EFX+ is over only a standard pitch shifter plugin, and it may be overkill when the Pitch changing is the one thing you’re searching for. However, for the cost given, it is tough for all of us not to suggest it since it can do far more.

You receive one of those very best pitch shifter Vst on the sector, a beneficial vocoder, doubler, an outspoken processor capable of exceptional formant shifting, and the very best autotune engine. This plugin may sound both artificial and realistic, based on what you need.

7. Polyverse Manipulator

Manipulator utilizes predictive algorithms to modify the timbre and Pitch of the source monitor. It’s capable of more than only a regular pitch changing.

It includes ten effects involving 2 octaves of Pitch and formant changes with added smoothing choices. The user interface has been coordinated in 7 significant knobs for alternatives like Pitch, formant, alternator, octave, and harmonics. In contrast, the bottom part includes a programmable Meta controller, which controls more features simultaneously, MIDI control panel, Sequencer, and Amp envelope.

Additionally, you may produce polyphonic harmonies by piling up to 4 voices.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Polyverse is a contemporary brand that always requires a step farther from using its products. The manipulator is a whole lot more than the usual bare pitch shifter. It only asks you to think beyond the box and create something entirely fresh and original.

Pitch Shift Plugin Vst

You can indeed go”secure” and resolve a vocal line you’ve just recorded by playing a MIDI out of the MIDI keyboard, and that is a superb feature. Nonetheless, you might even change vocals into direct synth as a result of the parameters it provides.

8. Audio Damage Discord

Pitch Bend Plugin Vst Plugins

Discord is a pitch shifter Vst that contains three distinct pitch-shifting algorithms. Vintage version (P1) relies upon Eventide H910 and H949 hardware, and you will find offered Clean (P2) and Granular pitch-shifting algorithms. Classic and sterile models have a Buffer Size controller that ranges from 32 to 2048 samples.

User Interface is vector-based, and it is completely resizable. It is made from double Shifter, Delay, and Filter panels together with stereo Reverb module. 2 LFO components can be assigned to each meeting and synced to speed with numerous modulation contours.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a reasonably priced pitch-shifting tool that is included with multiple pitch-shifting algorithms. We find this cost a no-brainer in the event you want a bare pitch altering plugin.

Every model has its strengths. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to choose which one matches your tune the best. Additionally, it provides you with all the authentic stereo options to let you edit right and left independently or connect it all.

Moreover, its user interface is vector-based, which means it may be utterly resizable so that you do not need to be concerned about new resolutions, which might become a standard sooner or later.

9. Soundtoys Little AlterBoy

Small Alterboy includes a virtual user interface. Pitch Knob permits you to change 1 octave above and under, Formant knob alters the vocal personality while Drive will consist of analog-modeled tube saturation for your monitor. The mixture will balance the initial and modified sound to be a convenient way to produce fundamental stability.

Additionally, it provides you with three manners. Transpose is a default style and will lock your Voice to the closest chromatic notice, and Voice will lock Voice into one note based upon the Pitch knob place.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Soundtoys founders have a massive history of producing pitch-shifting plugins so that they summed all of the prior expertise in creating this program. They left it user-friendly while providing high-quality outcomes for any vocal modulation you might be thinking about.

Pitch changing will be transparent with no artifact, however hard you flip this up or down, as you can also have the ability to produce a harsh song result for your hip-hop project together with the Quantized style.

10. Serato Pitch ‘N Time LE

User Interface is organized into five primary panels. As soon as you decide the Input BPM Calculator dependent on the number of pubs and monitor length, you have to use a Tempo slider that ranges from 50 percent up to 200 percent. Pitch could be delegated from -12 to +12 semitones; it can also be connected to trace tempo change or keep the original Pitch.

As soon as you’ve finished the changes, the vital Alter panel will display your current key, and the Output Length will automatically exhibit a time to get a track you are going to leave.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Time Shifting is near regarding the speed change and is not strictly associated with the pitch changing. However, the thumb’s principle states that if time-shifting works nicely, then pitch changing will not fail behind. And fortunately for us, Serato provided us with the two features in this program. This algorithm created Serato famous back in the late 90s.

Should you want a high-quality sample manipulation, at which nobody would also discover you’ve implemented it whatsoever, then this is your device. As you can use it on individual monitors, it works just like implemented on finished stereo monitors.



Pitch Shift is a fascinating effect that is very tough to overlook in contemporary audio. As a result of this reason, it is always utilized in extreme values. If you are having trouble working on a pop tune, it might seem funny at first, but possibly this effect is likely to make a difference!

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Jon has a broken pitch bend on his controller, learn about two plugins that can be used to solve the problem and a lot more.


REAPER’s ReaControlMIDI plugin can display a log of MIDI messages at its input when the “View Log” button is pressed. (shown at 1:00 in video)

ReaControlMIDI can also send MIDI CCs to plugins later in the chain.

By enabling ReaControlMIDI’s Pitch Wheel parameter for automation, then setting the track mode to Read, we can stop all pitch bend messages from being sent to a virtual instrument. (1:55)

Pitch shift vst plugin free download

Another option is to use the JS Plugin “PitchWheel Control Center” either in the track Input FX chain, of in the track fx chain before the virtual instrument. (2:55)

PitchWheel Control Center can be used for more than just disabling pitch wheel, you can assign different CCs to send pitch wheel instead. Channel Pressure/Aftertouch to Pitch Bend is demonstrated. (4.20)


The PitchWheel Control Center JSFX is available in the ReaTeam bundle for ReaPack.