Midtown on the Move

I had the honor of motivating Omahans to leave their car behind with Midtown on the Move. I drew on my hometown Chicago commuting experience and photographed each of the five neighborhoods that make up Midtown before starting on the logo and website deisgn. The photos from that day became the base for all campaign materials. The development of the logo was a result of thinking about how one moves up and down the streets and the intersectionality of the initiative. I designed the logo first, then the map followed by the website, direct mail piece and social media assets.

TYPE: Branding, Print and Digital Campaign
CLIENT: Douglas County Health Department, Verdis Group
ROLE: Lead Designer, Photographer
TEAM: Kristin Neeman, Kristin Webb, Molly Misek, Elizebeth Murphy
GROUP: Emspace
PRINTER: Elman & Co.
DEV: Thad Thomas
URL: midtownonthemove.org
PRESS: Channel  7 KETV, Omaha World Herald
IMPACT: 8,000+ switched trips from car to walk, bike, bus or rideshare.
Special thanks to Molly Misek for launch event photography. 

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