One of the virtues of designing a cover for Newcity is seeing it all around Chicago just three days after it goes to press. For each issue, I have one weekend to complete from concept to production, typically getting the prompt Thursday. Here’s a collection of covers, some with initial sketches and others in final print.

With images of David Bowie, designing anything is a breeze. Although, this is the first time an image has been incorporated into the logo without an illustration. At first, the publishers didn’t notice the letter C had been replaced.

The Road Trips issue was my Newcity cover debut. I started folding maps of Illinois until discovering the boomerang shape — with a road tip, the goal is to come back to where you started. I also like that the tilted chevron creates an abstract walking figure.

The Journey from Jakarta sketches of forms were inspired from the Master Chef hand-pulling noodles

The Food Truck cover idea happened quite fast. I immediately saw how a food stand could be built out of the writer’s feature photography.

I’ve been fascinated with the Merchandise Mart since 2004. After reading this story, my mind went to the busts that line up outside its riverfront—aha, Game of Startups! I’ve also wondered why the Merch doesn’t light up its windows to spell as other buildings in the Chicago loop do. So I digitally turned the lights on 1871.

TYPE: Cover Art
CLIENT: Newcity
ROLE: Freelance Designer
TEAM: Jan and Brian Hieggelke

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