Northwestern University

In order to design a site for a future leader, we had to be enlightened on what it takes to truly become one. As a team, we went through materials a typical student would study if they were going through this program as well as general stats about the program. I found common threads to compile a list of questions that evolved into the site’s architecture. I also teamed up with Taylor and Kelly to refine the wireframes for the overall look and experience. At first we went a more dynamic route with angles, but then simplified it for a more approachable experience.


website-rebuild-strategy-nucl8 website-rebuild-strategy-nucl3 website-rebuild-strategy-nucl2 website-rebuild-strategy-nucl

TYPE: Website Rebuild
CLIENT: Northwestern University
ROLE: Designer, Content Strategist
TEAM: Taylor Wichrowski, Francisco Moondragon., Kelly Komp
GROUP: Multiple, Inc.

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