Signature Move Film

Film Title

While I was working on Newcity’s film title, I was brought on to develop and animate Signature Move’s title. First, I brought out the calligraphy marker set and began learning the Urdu alphabet to get a feel for the writing movements. Since I’m left-handed, writing right to left was lovely, fluid and didn’t smudge. The lettering resembles a beautiful merge of Japanese and Arabic.

It was a pleasure to work with director, Jennifer Reeder to execute her vision along with Urdu calligrapher, Sadia Uqaili, and actor/writer, Fawzia Mirza. We did a few explorations of the lettering appearing on screen and finally settled on highlighting the Urdu with a subtle translation in English. The black, green and red color palette has been present since my initial development of the film’s branding for its kickstarter debut.


Original calligraphy by Sadia Uqaili


Learning calligraphy and the Urdu alphabet

Key Art, Poster, Props & Swag

Signature Move is on the festival circuit, with a world premier at SXSW March 2017, Chicago premiere September 2017, followed by NYC in October. It’ll start streaming on Amazon in 2018. For the key art and poster, I developed bolder type treatments and incorporated stills from the film. The illustrated mask was developed post haste for the Kickstarter launch and has become a recurring character throughout the film and in marketing materials. The illustrated lucha poster was made as a prop for the film.


TYPE: Branding, Film Titles, Marketing
CLIENT: Signature Move, Newcity Chicago Film Project
ROLE: Freelance Designer, Animator
TEAM: Jennifer Reeder, Fawzia Mirza, Brian Hieggelke

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