Terlato Wines

Terlato Wines is involved in every aspect of the luxury wine industry and operates a wide range of businesses including vineyard ownership, winery ownership and management, wine import and export, and wine marketing and sales. I continue to have the honor to work with this world-class team. At first on-site at their stunning Tudor Gothic chateau tucked away on the Northshore of Chicago and now as a consultant. Here is just a sampling of the work I’ve done awash in wine.


Duval-Leroy Gift Boxes

Duval-Leroy, a French Champagne, company needed a fresh look to make their product pop off the shelf for the upcoming holiday season in U.S. markets. I designed this concept that shows off the beautiful neck label and utilizes the negative space of the bubbles to create full glasses of champagne when stacked. I became obsessed with the size and pattern of bubbles. After learning the smaller the bubble, the finer the wine, I carefully crafted light and airy bubbles to fill the space. December 2016 launch.


Wine Case Sleeves

There are few greater joys than seeing wine in bulk. I’ve had the honor to draw up concepts and execute the wrapping of these elegant glass capsules of nectar.


For the launch of this particular pinot, Terlato Vineyards partnered with Schafer Condon Carter on the look and strategy of the campaign while I expanded the execution across print and digital media including ads for Wine Enthusiast, retail packaging and print displays, targeted direct mail pieces and shelf-talkers galore. Here is a sampling of materials I built for the regal Taste is the Difference campaign.

Piper-Heidsieck is the exclusive champagne of the Oscars, and I had the pleasure of designing invitations and props for 2016’s viewing party.


What happens when technology throws a wrench into your label design? In this case a corkscrew and lack thereof. Greystone Cellars replaced their corkscrew with twistable capsules. I designed options for their new label with a few nods to the old look which incorporated the classic wine key tool as a key element of the label. Greystone Cellars partners with the Culinary Institute of America in California.



Below are shots from select photoshoots.

saffron farfalle detailsaffron farfalle detailpicnic with wine, cheese, and fruitpicnic with wine, cheese, and fruitbottle of tangley oaks cabernet in the woods

TYPE: Design, Branding, Packaging, Photography
ROLE: Designer, Photographer, Stylist
TEAM: Mike Roberts, Matt Lafferty, Colin Crowley, Amanda Lapointe, Kristine Gorospe, Lisa Nyhan, Colleen Jaacks, Joe Sweeney, Jackie Sylvester, Maggie Yoo, Sarah Gale, Jamie Wideman
GROUP: Terlato Wines

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