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Glitchmachines has released Proximity, a free sample pack featuring 150 SFX samples created by sound designer Ivo Ivanov. Proximity is the third installment in our FREE Nanopack series. The goal with this series of sample packs is to bring you exclusive, high quality sound effects with the same uncompromising production values as our paid products. Cisco Proximity allows you to control your video system, interact with shared content and share wirelessly. Download Cisco Proximity for Windows.

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Proximity v1.0.1 AU VST MAC OSX 5.59 MB
Proximity is a collaborative effort by Tokyo Dawn Labs and Vladg Sound.
The plug-in is an easy to use distance 'pan-pot” based on several psycho-acoustic
models. The idea is to give mixing engineer a reliable tool which allows him to
manipulate the 'depth” of several sound source in a straight forward and convincing manner.
•Distance signal delay by speed of sound
•Absorption of high-frequencies in air
•Proximity effect of virtual microphone

All models can be turned on and off to taste. Distance modulation options extend
the creative possibilities even further. Units can be switched from metric (meters) to imperial (inches).

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Now that Wavosaur can work natively on 64 bit systems, we need some 64 bit VST plugin effects that are full 64 bit. Many of the free VST plugins are still 32 bit, but we have found some nice 64 bit plugins, for your needs : compressor, limiter, reverb, equalizer, filter, distorsion !

1) TDR Feedback Compressor II

Info and free download @

This software compressor is very clean, works nice with any input, and has all the controls you need. You can use it on the master if you want, it has this transparent quality. It’s free, it’s x64, it’s funky.

2) Reverberate LE


Reverberate LE

download now ! =>

We already talked about the Reverberate plugin in the “top 5 best free reverb VST” post.
It’s good, it’s a convolution reverb plugin, so you have to feed it with some impulse response file, and it’s x64 !

3) W1 Limiter

Information and free download here :

the W1 Limiter plugin is a clone of Waves L1 limiter. It really does the job. don’t hesitate to downoad and test ! it’s freeware.

4) Marvel GEQ

Marvel GEQ

information & download @

Everybody needs a good graphic EQ for mastering / mixing / sound design
This free plugin is a 16 band linear phase EQ, is very clean, and allows you to make quick adjustments to your tracks.

5) TAL Chorus

Freeware download =>

This is a Juno60-esque chorus, it’s available in 64 bit, and it does the job.

6) Izotope Vinyl

Izotope Vinyl plugin

Go !

The ultimate LOFI, now in 64 bit ! Because everybody needs gthe sound of a good old grammophone.

7) Camel Crusher

Get it now ! =>

Does it have a distorsion unit ? Yes !
Does it have a compressor and a post filter ? Yes !
Does it have a “phat mode” ? YES !
Does it have a “Turn it to 11 ” preset ? YEAH !

And it’s freeware + works on native 64 bit host.

8) Sinusweb FreeverbToo

Freeverbtoo free plugin

more info and download @

The freeverb algorithm, in a nice interface, and with an additional gate. It’s very nice and will fill your reverb needs.

9) Ohmforce Frohmage

Free ! download ! 64 bit ! =>

Proximity Vst Free Download

Hmm du bon froHmage, le filter qui sent des pieds !
It’s phat, it has 8 presets, it’s a filter for all the people.
and it’s available in 64 bit

10) Voxengo Span

Voxengo Span VST

Free download :

Proximity Vst Free Downloads

We always need a good spectrum analysis, this one, is not only very good, it’s free and 64 bit !


Of course you can use the 32 bit version of Wavosaur if you still want to use 32 bit plugins (the majority of free plugins are 32 bit!) But nothing prevents you from using the two versions of Wavosaur : 64 bit when you need large amount of RAM for editing, and 32 bit when you need a large choice of VST plugins.

If you know very good free plugins in 64 bit, don’t hesitate to comment!