Symphonic Choir Vst Free

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Presonus Symphonic Orchestra is more than just a sample library. It combines a complete symphony orchestra instrument library for the Presence XT with ready-to-use Studio One Musicloops for lightning-fast arranging and production.

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When actual symphonic choirs sing in those huge halls, most people (if any) cannot really understand what they're singing about - it IS a garble! It's not the point of sample libraries to get absolutely intelligible lines of text, at all - but the sense of something being sung in syllables.

Symphonic Choir Vst Free Plugins

The instruments make up not only a full-fledged symphony orchestra, but also a modern library of stringed instruments with a variety of ambient character to choose from.

Over 1200 Musicloops let you create complete arrangements on the fly while maintaining complete control over tempo, key, chords and character. The tight integration with Studio One makes production fun again. The PSO Classic Orchestra sound set includes strings, winds, woodwinds, percussion and choir. The Brass and Strings Groups contain presets for solo instruments and sections. While all presets include multiple key switch articulations, separate single articulation presets are also available for each instrument.

Symphonic Choir Vst Free

Symphonic Choir Vst Free Sound

Despite its size, PSO is really easy to navigate. The library is divided into three sound sets: the PSO Classic Orchestra Sound Set, the PSO Modern Stringed Sound Set, and the PSO Music Loop Set. Classic orchestral and modern strings are displayed in the Presence XT Preset Browser in their main folders and sorted by instrument category. In addition, presets can be found by searching by tags in the Studio One browser.

Classical orchestral instruments: cello, cello section, double bass section, harp, viola, viola section, violin, violin section, French horn, horn section, orchestral tuba, piccolo trumpet, tenor trombone, trombone section, trumpet, trumpet section, alto Flute, bass clarinet, bass flute, bassoon, clarinet, clarinet section, contrabassoon, English French horn, flute, flute section, oboe, piccolo, classical choir (multiple articulations and effects), marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, bamboo bells, bell, Crotales, Glockenspiel, Shellchimes, Triangle, Tubular Bells, Windchimes, Cymbals (Set), Japanese Bowls, Orchestral Gongs, Thai Gongs, Castanets, Claves, Tambourine, Temple Blocks, Gran Cassa, Snare, Timpani, Orchestral Effects (Multiple Instruments)

Symphonic Choirs Vst Free Download

The PSO Contemporary Strings Sound Set includes raw versions of solos and sectional strings that are perfect for modern pop arrangements. Presets are available for both multiple and single articulations.