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A plugin effect is a signal processing device such as a reverb, delay, compressor or EQ, while plugin instruments take in, amongst other things, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and sample-based recreations of real-world guitars, drum kits, pianos, etc. The best DAWs 2020: the best music production software for PC and Mac.

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That's the Muse Research Receptor – a unique and versatile musical instrument that takes the best software-based synthesizers and effects processors available, and turns them into real instruments. With the push of a button, Receptor can transform itself from a sampler into a guitar processor; from a drum module into a synthesizer; or from a delicate mastering tool into a screaming drawbar organ.


Plug-in software has completely changed the way we make music. Puny samples crammed into tiny chips are a thing of the past. Fixed architecture synths, by their very nature, are forever incapable of adapting to an ever-shifting sonic landscape. In today's musical world, virtual instruments reign supreme. But using plug-in software can be an exasperating experience. Stability concerns and high latencies limit their effectiveness on stage, and high CPU demands limit their flexibility in the studio.

Receptor solves these problems by combining everything that's good about plug-ins with everything that's good about hardware.

Vst Plugin Hardware Player Download

Nothing could better illustrate the fact that Receptor combines the best of both worlds (hardware and software) than these two quotes. Jeff Babko loves his Receptor because it blows away the hardware synthesizers it replaces. David Rosenthal loves his because it gives him the ultimate way to use software instruments and effects on stage. Two worlds. Two vantage points. One product to satisfy them both.

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Listen to RECEPTOR Sound Samples
The RECEPTOR VIP2 Hardware Plug-in Player includes 8 Gigabytes of RAM, a fast dual-core CPU and a 1TB Hard Drive.RECEPTOR TRIO is the model for the demanding player. With 8 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive and quad-core processor.RECEPTOR QU4TTRO is our most powerful model ever. With 16 GB RAM, 2 TB hard drive and quad-core processor.RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC is the best RECEPTOR 2 ever. Available as a refurb only, this is the RECEPTOR used by most touring PROs.
Best ForProfessional Keyboardists /
Guitarists; Everyone
Any player with heavy plugin and I/O demandsAny player with the heaviest plugin demandsPlayers with heavy demands and tight budgets
Hard Drive Size1 TB1 TB2 TB2 TB
CPUIntel 64-bit, Dual Core (4 thread), 3.3Ghz, 3MB cacheIntel 64-bit, Quad Core (4 thread), 3.7Ghz peak, 6MB cacheIntel 64-bit, Quad Core (8 thread), 3.9Ghz peak, 8MB cacheIntel 64-bit, Dual Core, 3.3Ghz, 6MB cache
RAM8 GB (DDR3)8 GB (DDR3)16 GB (DDR3)8 GB (DDR3)
MusePlayerOver 400 built-in sounds
I/O2 channel line in, 2 channel out8 channels balanced mic/line inputs
8 channels balanced line outputs
8 channels ADAT digital optical in/out
stereo S/PDIF in/out
Stereo analog in/out, stereo S/PDIF, adat optical (8 channel) out
Networking10/100/1000 ('Gigabit Ethernet')
DimensionsWidth: 17 3/8'
Depth: 11 1/4'
Height: 3 1/2'
Width: 17 3/8'
Depth: 11 1/4'
Height: 3 1/2'
PreSonus 1818 I/O Expander:
Width: 19'
Depth: 5.5'
Height: 1.75'
Width: 17 1/2'
Depth: 12 1/2'
Height: 3 5/8'
Weight14 lbs14 lbs (main unit), 4.6 lbs (PreSonus 1818 I/O expander)18 lbs