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Let in this age of portable gadgets walkie-talkieare so relevant, still sometimes interesting, and sometimes it is necessary to use them. Here we will look at how to make the simplest models of these devices, as well as associated issues associated with them.

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Homemade walkie-talkie: materials

Before you make a walkie-talkie with your own hands, prepare the necessary simple components for it:

  • Two aluminum / tin cans, in extreme cases - paper cups.
  • Line, thread length of 5-10 m.
  • Nail.
  • A hammer.

Now you can start working.

Creating a walkie-talkie

Let's take a closer look at how to do a walkie-talkie at home:

  1. With a hammer and nail, make punctures in the bottom of each jar and a glass. The hole must be sufficient for a line to pass through it.
  2. Pass the line through both punctures. Inside the jars or cups tie it with a three-dimensional knot - so that it can not be pulled out or pulled out.
  3. To the interlocutor heard your voice, the fishing line should be as tight as possible - after all, sound waves will pass through it.
  4. The conversation on this improvised walkie-talkie looks like this: one person is speaking inside the glass, and the other is holding his jar near the ear.

The application 'Zello-radio'

The most convenient and easy way to testthe beauty of talking on the walkie-talkie will be installing an application with this function on your smartphone. Leading among them Zello, which can also be installed on a laptop or PC. The program is completely free for all existing OS. Zello is often used by developers of mobile software - it allows them to add the radio communication function to their applications.

To transfer voice Zello uses Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. The application also supports bluetooth headset. Your voice message is first saved by the system, and then it is already recovered to the destination. Zello supports the communication of 800 interlocutors, displays their connection status, stores the history of voice messages, creates special channels, password-protected.

Voxer phone radio

Another way that answers the question 'How to make a radio from a smartphone?' - This application Voxer, absolutely free for iPhone owners and androids. Data transfer via mobile Internet or Wi-Fi too, will not bring you additional waste. The application can be called a walkie-talkie conventionally-it does not provide the possibility of real-time conversation, but quickly sends voice messages from the user to the user.

Vst Plugin Walkie Talkie Earpiece

Among the features of this application-radio are the following:

  • The ability to record a voice message and save it inside the program at times when the gadget is not connected to the Internet.
  • Reproduction of the interlocutor's voice in two- or three-fold acceleration.
  • Storing the history of voice messages.
  • The ability to specify your location for the interlocutors.
  • In addition to the radio mode, this application can be used as a convenient messenger - through it it is possible to transmit text messages, video, audio or photos.

A similar application to Voxer is HeyTell. It is also absolutely free and works in all modes of data transmission. It is distinguished by its more flexible settings and the availability of three categories of confidentiality for your conversations.

iPTT for iOS

How to make a radio on an iPhone or iPad usingthis application, even a small child will understand - before that it's easy to use. By the way, iPTT - the first application of such a plan in the AppStore, while completely free.

With the help of this program, you can create a direct communication channel with both a separate addressee and a group of people. You can also choose the mode of 'whisper' - to communicate confidentially with one person from the group.

Similar to the iPTT on the functionality of the application will be TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie. It is available free of charge not only for gadgets on iOS, but also on Android.

How to make an antenna for a walkie-talkie

If you are the owner of a portable walkie-talkie, then for youit will be a secret that homemade antennas for these devices are more efficient than factory ones. The size of the homemade, by the way, can be set within 9-25 cm. You will need:

Vst Plugin Walkie Talkie
  • a connector that fits your radio;
  • a segment of any thick cable (only isolation is needed from it);
  • wire PEV 0,25-0,7 mm;
  • heat shrink;
  • glue.
Vst Plugin Walkie Talkie

Vst Plugin Walkie Talkie Software

The manufacturing process looks like this:

  1. Pull all contents out of the cable, without damaging the outer tube of the insulation material.
  2. At this stage, check how suitable this tube is to the connector - ideally it should enter it.
  3. On the tube, having retreated 4-5 mm from the level of the connector, it is necessary to make a hole for the wire, where the latter should be placed - inside the pipe.
  4. At the end of the wire, solder the center pin of the connector, and then glue it into the last tube.
  5. The wire of the SEW sticking out of the tube with the same turns should be wound from the connector to the outside. The length of the winding is 10-25 cm. The thicker the cable, the longer the winding.
  6. Secure the skeins with glue so that they do not untwist.
  7. Test the device - cut the winding if necessary.

How to make a radio effect

If you need to convert a voice record into a kind of talk on a walkie-talkie, then you can do the following:

  1. Use the Adobe Audition program and the Wave4 plugin. The Old Radio effect will help you achieve what you want.
  2. In the same Adobe Audition 3.0 go to the path Effects - Filter and EQ - FFT Filter. Next - preset Telephone - Receiver or Telephone - Voice Mail.
  3. Download the VST plug-in AudioEase Speakerphone, which, in addition to the walkie-talkie, allows you to impose a loudspeaker, megaphone, poor telephone connection, etc.
  4. Through the presets of the program FabFilter - Saturn.

How to make a walkie-talkie at home and on a smartphone? The process is quite simple and exciting. Moreover, today many messengers for phones and PCs provide users with the possibility of voice and video communication in real time via the Internet. However, in the absence of mobile and fixed communication on the ground, portable radios remain indispensable.

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Phones Walkie-Talkies

! Plugin is meant for 1.13.x. !

I do not support this plugin anymore, I won't blame you for giving it a bad rating but please do note that I haven't worked on this in a long time, that it's buggy, inefficient, and that I probably won't really release an update any time soon. If you need a quick phone that works then contact me on Discord, but unfortunately it won't be free, and I do apologize massively for this. Darwin#6417.
About dComms
⚪dComms enables basic phones and walkie-talkies on your server.
⚪The plugin is fully customizable from its config.
What it offers
⚪ dComms will give you access to a phone with the following functions in it: Calling, Contacts, Texting, Social Media and Settings.

⚪Not only that, but dComms also gives you access to a walkie-talkie, that allows talking in specific frequencies.
⚪ Phones come with a neat, simple GUI to help players use them better. They also assign a new, unique phone number to each player, like an actual phone.

⚪ Customize the look of the GUI Buttons via a neat configuration system.
⚪ They also have the ability to call other players, send them a text message (even while offline!), and socializing with other users.
⚪ Contacts may also be stored on the phone, which can be used instead of the long, unique, confusing number each player gets, and you can get the location of your contacts, as long as they have their location enabled in their phone Settings, and have you saved as a contact as well.
⚪ If the call ring or text ping is annoying, you can also disable them from the config.
⚪ Calling, Texting or Social Media features can be enabled or disabled from the config, as well as whether location services can be used.
⚪ Signal also plays an important role. You cannot make calls, send a message, or talk mid-call if you don't have enough signal. Receiving text messages is still possible.
⚪ To get signal, you must stand close to a signal tower.
⚪ Towers can be enabled or disabled from the config.
⚪ Is someone bothering you? No problem! Just block them right away.
⚪ Walkie-talkies can be used as open, global chat channels, which can be used by anyone owning a device and that knows the frequency to set their device to.

⚪ The walkie-talkie can be turned on or off at any time by shift-rightclicking, to make using it efficient.
⚪ A walkie-talkie can be set to a specified value in the config, and it also has a range before the message is too far to be received, also changeable in the config.
Commands & Perms
⚪ The plugin's commands are simple to use and access.

⚪ By default, they each change, depending on which features are enabled in the config.
Please run the command on its own to see the subcommands. All commands have subcommands.
⚪ Here's the allowed commands, and each perm that comes with it:
admin commands
phone commands

walkie-talkie commands
Allows the user to give themself a phone.
Allows the user to give themself a walkie-talkie.
Allows the user to give themself any device.
Allows the user to reload the config.
Allows the user to use the /tower command.
Allows the user to use /dcomms set (value).
Installing the plugin
⚪Installing the plugin is very simple.

⚪Simply add the dComms to the plugins folder, and it will create all the necessary files automatically.
Setting up the plugin
⚪ Setting up the plugin is very simple.

⚪Simply check the config.yml file in /plugins/dComms, and set up the plugin to suit your needs better.
⚪ Here's what the configuration looks like.
GitHub Page
Reporting bugs / Contacting me
⚪ I tend to be more active on Discord: Darwin#6417

⚪ You may also send me a PM here.
⚪ This plugin is free to download and use.

⚪ Therefore, I would be very grateful for any donations, in order to continue working and supporting this plugin!
⚪ The donation link is at the top of this page.
Thank you for using dComms!
If you have any issues, or if you find bugs, I urge you to contact me as soon as possible!
Feel free to suggest new features, or directly modify it yourself by checking out the source code!