Vst Plugins Not Working In Reaper

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A quick video tutorial on installing VST plugins to Reaper!If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, enjoy! Feb 13, 2020 only because a bunch of plugins i have are only 32 bit, and waves studio installer installs 32 bit, 64 bit and vst3 plugins so sometimes can accidenatly load up a 32 bit instance. The only issues ive had is rendering silence, whcih could be a bridged vst or just a dodgy vst itself. In short, yes it will work, but theres a possibility of issues. Nov 21, 2019 Make sure that Reaper is looking for the folder i which the VST is located. With luck you will have a folder somewhere called 'VST plugins' or similar into which you have put the VST.dll files, or into which you've unpacked zipped VSTs. It doesn't matter if they are in a different folder. Jun 17, 2019 I'm not familiar with Reaper specifically, but most vst plugs will download to a default folder, something like 'Steinberg/vstplugins' maybe. Look for a.dll file of the missing plug and check to see where Reaper wants plugins. It might be a folder called 'VSTs' or 'Effects' or something.

Hi all,
This is weird.
One day, my VST plugins are all working fine.
The next, Reaper is in total denial of their existence.
I have not installed any new software on the machine in the time between when my plugins WERE working and when they ceased to work.
I've checked the Prefs. The path to my plugins folder is valid.
What I DID notice happen (and this happens with monotonous regularity... I'm running Win7/64) was that my 'program files (x86)' folder had it's ownership changed without any intervention on my part.
I don't know why this happens, but it happens way too often to be funny.
I reclaimed ownership of the folder (using the Take Ownership hack... other Win7 users probably know what I'm talking about), and even moved the plugins to another physical hard drive just to be sure that folder permissions were not the cause of the problem.
Reaper still would not see those plugins.
Interestingly, my plugins work fine in Audition CS5.5, but not in Reaper.
Any ideas?
Keen to hear 'em!
Thanks in advance.

REAPER user Khatcha send me an email today with a tip to help those on Windows that found some of their VST plugins were tiny after the REAPER 6.0 upgrade.

I’d like to give a useful tip concerning the version 6.xx on Windows only and it’s about the issue with plugins scaling on 4K monitors (or probably less).

With this recent version of Reaper, all my plugins were drastically shrunk and it was impossible to work with such a small UI resolution.

I tried to find the problem with the Advanced UI/ System Tweaks on Reaper but that didn’t help me.

I even tried to change some parameters in the Theme development options but it was unsuccessful.


I finally found the issue, I’ll give to you so you can spread it better than me :

  • Go to the properties of the file “reaper.exe” (ALT+ENTER shortcut or Right-Click on the file and select “Properties”) and go to the “Compatibility” tab.
  • Click on “Change Hi DPI Settings” and you will have 3 options: Application, System and System Enhanced. Switch to System or System Enhanced et voila!

Of course, keep in mind that REAPER 6 is very new and these things are likely to change and improve in the coming months. Reporting your experience to the official forum with your system info, problem plugins, settings and workarounds is the only way things can improve for all.

The 6.02 update has some changes in this regard, Justin sent me a message on Twitter.

6.02 has a per-plug-in setting to allow the floating FX to be hidpi-unaware. Or you can go to preferences/general/advanced settings, and change the HiDPI Awareness mode to “Unaware” (which makes the behavior match 5.x).

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If you try this workaround, let us know in the comments if it worked for you as well.