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7 organizers of high goals and Royalty-Free sounds. A sum of 300+ sounds (96 kHz, 24 piece.wav) Hey tech artistic effects. Forceful hits and low tones. Outrageous risers and strain manufacturers. Complex progress impacts and whoosh. Matter transforms and vitality impacts. Automated glitches and stammers. Environments and vocal transforms. NOTE: Replace octave 5 above with 4 on some DAW software. Anarchists can, of course, load any sample/loop on any Sampler Channel. Groove Machine will loop up to and including the number of bars with note data in them provided you press Play THEN Record.

SoundBits Whooshes & Impacts 2
Size 1 Gb

As the name says this is the sequel to the very popular “Whooshes & Impacts“-Sound Effects Library from SoundBits.
With this pack you get a super-versatile collection of Whoosh and Impact sound effects. Featuring everything you need to give your movie- or game projects the sonic impact they deserve. From fantasy-style battles to intense scifi space combats. You get fireballs, magical projectiles, asteroids, space ship pass-bys, missiles, … and of course a vast variety of designed impact sound effects from very organic metal hits to abstract, distorted, screaming strikes.

All sounds are 100% dry. No reverbs were applied.

This pack contains 266 files split in 116 Impacts with at least 2 versions of one sound per file and 150 Whooshes with at least 3 versions of one sound per file. Giving you total amount of 607 sounds.

The Fantasy-, Action-, SciFi-, Trailer-Toolkit
Number of files: 266 Files (607 Sounds)
Quality: 96kHz / 24bit / Stereo
Total Size: 1,93 GB


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WhooshHi all,Whoosh
I am currently a proud owner of Ableton Live 8 (not Suite) and I have made such progress in the production and composition of Electronic Dance Music but I find myself with a lack of effects and build-ups that are prevalent in EDM.

I have some Windy FX but they are relatively short and I've tried to warp them but have had ...odd results.

Whoosh Vst

So, I was wondering, can I generate this whooshing sound myself using just Live 8.

Whoosh Vst Free Trial

In the car on the way into work this morning I had the idea of dragging the windy FX into simpler, setting it to loop quickly around the beginning with some extra reverb and then using the pitch bend wheel to make it ascend or descend.

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Any other, or easier suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!